WARNING - Your exit popup may get your site(s) blacklisted

by N4PGW
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I understand that exit popups create a great deal of more sales and it is a great way to get affiliate sales from leaving viewers.

However, please be careful about using them for affiliate sales or for use on your other sites.

In some cases, the referred site also uses exit popups for affiliate sites that also use the exit popups. I have seen this string go as long as 14 sites before I could close my browser.

But, there is a worse scenario that I bumped into today. This was two sites that promoted each other with their exit popups. Site A sends you to site B and site b sends you to site A which sends you back to site B, etc.

I had to force Firefox to shut down from the operating system, which of course, created more inconvenience.

Needless to say, it won't be long before these two sites as well as any site with exit popups referring to them will get banned by various services as being harmful sites.

I followed a link I received in an email whose EP sent me to a site whose EP sent me to the loop.

This was a case where only two sites were referring each other, but it can happen with a larger loop, quite by accident where A refers B refers C refers D refers A.

Exit Popups may produce more sales, but their popularity is beginning to cause them to produce serious problems.

Please be careful.

Thank you
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    Yeah, these 'grey hat' methods will only harm you in the long run. If you rely on natural listings for your traffic you gotta play by the rules and be nice to your visitors if you want to succeed in the long term.
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