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I know I've seen this solution before, but I can't find it:

How do you redirect to various sites from one domain and extension?

For example,

Please be specific, I'm very ungeeky about these things.

BTW, I use Hostgator with cPanel, if that matters.

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    here you go, a number of ways to achieve this
    301 Redirect - How to create Redirects
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    Well, it doesn't get any more 'untechie' than this. It's what I use so it must be idiot proof.

    iFrame PHP Redirect Generator Software | Mask or Cloak your URL's and Affiliate Links

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    Honestly, I would avoid iframes -- or any kind of frames -- whenever possible.

    If you have a self-hosted WordPress site, you can use a plugin called Go Codes that will allow you to create redirect links from within your dashboard.

    You can also find standalone software that will do the same thing. I used a script several years ago that did this, but don't remember the name now.
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    I would use htaccess and mod rewrite. That will give a nice 301 for the users and search engines.
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    the best and easist way AFAIK is given below:

    to have the link to point to your affiliate product about acne that has URL like

    step 1:
    create a folder named "acne" in root directory of your site

    step 2:
    create a file named index.php in the newly created directory "acne"
    with the following CODE ALONE

    PHP Code:
    'Location:' ) ;
    replace the affiliate link in above code accordingly

    similarly for create a directory for dogtraining with an index.php there pointing to that affiliate link.

    thank you
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