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I've got a friend who wants to do some video tutorials from his website for some lessons he's offering.

However, he wants to make it a monthly fee and pretty much automated.

The simplest thing I could think of without going the Clickbank route yet was a PayPal subscription and automate via Aweber.

Aweber can send out a video lesson for that month to customers provided they stay a member.

If the customer decides to cancel from the lesson, they can quit PayPal easy enough.

But what about Aweber? What if they forget to unsubscribe? That means they'd be getting lessons for free. I don't think my friend would want that.

It's not certain that this is the methodology he will choose, but if it is, I'd be interested in knowing how to make Aweber and PayPal simultaneous with one another, if at all possible.

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    Your friend would have to unsubscribe them manually. Pain in the ass, but simple enough if their Paypal address is the one they used to subscribe with.

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    It would be easier to set up a wordpress site, and add a membership plugin. It would be easier to manage than to try and manually add and remove members each time.
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      Originally Posted by jzmoore View Post

      It would be easier to set up a wordpress site, and add a membership plugin. It would be easier to manage than to try and manually add and remove members each time.
      I agree I also think he should upload all the videos to the website instead of sending via emails so when someone new signs up all the videos will be there... I think this way has more potential and will get more subscribers IMO
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        Definitely sounds like a job for a membership plugin. I think if you head down the route of trying to automate the job yourself, to do it properly, you'll end up developing large parts one yourself. Save yourself the headache.

        Does your WordPress membership plugin allow you to protect and sell your content in Facebook too? Your Members does!.

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    You need to bear in mind that Aweber is a particular tool. It sends emails (and lots more) and is very very good at what it does. I use it myself.

    It is not a god though. It cannot know who has and who has not paid for a particular product or service. That is the job of the seller, affiliate, vendor, or call them what you may.

    PayPal is another specialist system - a payment processor.

    It is for you and me to put in place appropriate software and/or manual procedures to prevent delivery by whatever system, after cancellation by the customer.

    I'd be interested in knowing how to make Aweber and PayPal simultaneous with one another, if at all possible.
    In my personal opinion, for the purpose that you state - I think it very unlikely.

    There is a lot of software available especially geared to affiliate management that might be able to be used. Try that avenue.

    Best of Luck,
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    You'll have to actually open an aWeber account to actually test it; but aWeber has a back-end functionality that listens for PayPal transactions and will carry out a set of instructions within the aWeber system when PayPal sends an email.

    That would be how you could get them ON the aWeber list.

    Problems would arise when you want to get them OFF the list; as PayPal doesn't send the merchant any type of 'front-end' notification when a Subscription is canceled by the Customer, (I know it sucks).

    To remedy that; you could use aWeber's "switch from this list to that list" and have a separate list for each month of the course. Set aWeber's "PayPal function" to listen for the emails received for "Payment Successful" that they DO send out on the 'front-end' each time you receive a monthly payment... and "switch lists" accordingly. Making sure your unsubscribe link(s) are in place, of course.

    If you get that far, I'm sure you can figure out the rest. That's about the only way you're gonna accomplish your goal with "just" aWeber and PayPal.

    Otherwise, you'll need to take the advice of some of the other Warriors and use a different approach.

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    He should buy memberwing.com and it'd automate all the process for him.

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    You can automate this process by setting up a WordPress membership site. You can use Wordpress and any membership plug in like Whishlist or aMember. These plugins are not free, but they will do the job for you.

    You can synchronize PayPal and Awebber using this plugins just fine.

    If you have questions how to integrate them, contact me.
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