setting up an RSS feed--how?

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I signed up on Twitterfeed wanting to send my blog and forum stuff over to tweet it but it needs an RSS feed but I do not know anything about getting one set up. Can anyone help walk me through this?

The sites are working fine. The first one I want to set up is on my forum.

Sorry, I didn't see anywhere else to post this. If it's in the wrong place just let me know.
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    if you using wordpress, your RSS feed placed on the footer
    similar like this:
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    Just how easy is it to publish and maintain RSS feeds to your e-mail newsletter or the articles on your site? Relatively easy -- at least that's what I'm saying now.
    If you'd asked me a couple of days ago, however, I would have disagreed. I had immersed myself in all the technical details of RSS and installing channel creation tools and was confused. Let me see if I can break through some of the fog to help you figure out how to do this. In short, here's what's involved:
    1. Use the free WebReference RSS Channel Editor to set up a channel and list up to 15 articles.
    2. Upload the file you've created to your webserver.
    3. Validate the XML to make sure it can be read by the multitude of news aggregation programs.
    4. Advertise your RSS feed (channel) to various directories and to your site visitors
    5. Maintain your feed by adding new articles using the RSS Channel Editor
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    Here is the rss feed for your forum:
    Warrior Cats RPG
    (seemingly the software creates it automatically)

    And here is the feed for your blogger blog:
    jungle of wildest dreams
    (also done for you by the software)

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    Hi Groovy, saw your forum about a week ago. It's a really nice job. I was hanging out at the SMF forum, one of my most frequent places to go and beg for help.

    Originally Posted by Groovystar View Post

    it needs an RSS feed
    As Istvan mentioned, you do have one already. The simple way to find one for any site is just visit it with Firefox.

    If it does have a feed and an auto discovery meta tag for the feed, there will be a rss icon on the right hand side of your address bar. Just click on that and you will see the page with the url, which gives you the location.

    It looks like yours only displays the last 5 items, not sure if that's good or not. One person here mentioned that he changes his default WP feed setting to display the last 99 posts instead of the last 10. He said it increases the internal linking. Since forums and blogs already do have complete internal linking, I'm still wondering about that.

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    If you want to get your blog posts to Twitter. Twitterfeed isnt the only way to do it. I prefer to use a plugin in WordPress called "Post to Twitter"

    In this plugin you can just enter your Twitter username and it automatically enters all your blog posts into twitter.

    I'm not sure about the forum stuff though.

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