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Dear Warrior Friends

A little bit about myself (can't link my webpage as I need to rebuild my post counter):

I live in Denmark and have been involved with Internet Marketing since 2001. this forum was actually my very first investment waaaay back (if we don't count my very first one which was a chain letter on how to earn $50.000 in 90 days heh).

I just recently started using google adwords as I was tired of using the free traffic exchange programs in order to generate traffic. I also got fed up of all the turnkey all-in-one business that are selling like mad these days. What good is the perfect product if you can't drive targeted traffic to it?

Anyways, I'm very technically fit for figuring all this out but I do have a series of questions on changing ads, landing pages, keywords and other things related to adwords.

I've tried lot's of different things online and created lot's of different websites. I pretty much know all the techs involved and have a lot of ideas for making money online. I actually did pretty well back in 2002-2003 when I sold my own (co-owned) software product and also ran a free traffic exchange list building club which reached 10.000 free signups. Back then I had a list so making a little extra on affiliate products was easy.

Lot's of personal things happened and I left the IM scene.

The last 3 years I spent trying to build up my own Internet Marketing Game. I also outsourced the programming to India. Things took way too long and it ended up with my budget on 0 and the site not ready for launch.

I have a lot of tools available (hosting, autoresponder, keyword research etc) and a few ideas but the last few months I realized something pretty important.

I absolutely think I need someone who is successful at this telling me what to do next!

I wish I could grab myself by the neck and kick myself in the a** and just DO IT (like so many of you in here write), but I need help. I need help staying focused on one thing at a time.

I have the ambition.
I have the technical skills.
I am a very fast learner.
I can follow instructions.
I have the funds.


I am easily sidetracked - can't keep focus on my own.
I feel completely alone at this (no family or friends share the interest).
I have too many things going at once.

I would LOVE to work with someone who can take me under their wing for a period of time. I am really trying to take a stand and FOCUS on one thing at the moment which is:

1) PPC (keywords, ads, finding a need that people are searching for)
2) Finding an affiliate program to meet that need
3) Landing Pages (getting people to click onto the affiliate offer).

Like I said I have lot's of ideas and one of them is creating a membership site where people could come and send me their dares. I would then video the dare and share it with them online. I just don't know how to monetize a site like that.

I'm rambling There is so much I would like to say, but I think I'll leave it for now

I hope someone in this forum that has a successful track record are up for the challenge of mentoring me for a period of time. I bet you are so clever you could even make a product out of it titled "How I turned a Confused Dane into a Successful Marketer"

I have Skype, MSN, Facebook, phone anything needed to communicate.

Questions? Please hit me
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    To be honest you wont really find a mentor this way. A lot of the big time players will charge you serious money for tution unless you jv with somebody in which case you will need skills of your own to offer in return.

    Have a look in the review section for programmes that include 1 on 1 coaching I know there are a few.

    Good luck
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    Spend $10 and buy the book "millionaire in the mirror". You don't need a mentor you need a clear plan and system to put you where you want to be.

    "I know where I want to be, I may not know how to get their but I know I will be their one day." - by me. I have followed this most of my life and it has made me very successful.

    Also don't try to invent a new product, find a proven niche and put a spin on it.


    Type with iPad so forgive bad typing.

    Save someones banana with SEOnky.com

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      Do you seriously need someone to tell you what to do? It is not that hard but at the same time many struggle so it is understandable.

      I am in affiliate marketing so I do not know if you do not want to do it even though to me it is just the pinnacle of making money.

      I have made money just by doing simple stuff like typing articles submitting them to ezinearticles.com and made commissions. I started with the bum marketing method even though the guy who brought this method out does not really go into pure detail.

      Between that and the Google Sniper Method I have had success. It is not that easy creating these campaigns but it certainly is doable. A key tip is that these are not actually campaigns, they are pre sell pages.

      I don't know. If you want my advice then just ask and I will share my so called tops secret methods. I really do not mind giving out free tips but never have done the whole mentoring thing.

      "The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus." - Bruce Lee

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    One of the most awesome mentors out there is Jeremy Palmer.

    His past training is all available in one neat package; and I might be able to get you in for personal coaching.

    I realize you cannot PM me, but contact me through one of the websites below and I'll give you details.

    Track your affiliate sales back to the ARTICLE or WEBSITE that generated the sale. CBSaleTracker

    I was making money in days with the 4 Day Money Making Blueprint

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      Hey Levi

      Yeah I need a clear plan and just follow it - but I don't know how to get that clear plan. I feel like everytime I try to come up with a plan, my brain spins of in lot's of directions and gives me new ideas or twists. I need someone to slap me and say THIS was your first/best idea now stick to it and work it (or something like that heh).

      Let's ROCK!!!
      Nick Martin

      Nick Martin Dot Com Personal Blog
      Lav Din Egen Hjemmeside (Danish)

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    Hi Dave, yeah you might be right. I actually joined a program not long ago that also offered 1:1 mentoring, but the problem was I had to keep poking at my menter for help ... I kinda thought it would work the other way around

    Let's ROCK!!!
    Nick Martin

    Nick Martin Dot Com Personal Blog
    Lav Din Egen Hjemmeside (Danish)

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    Hi Unclepennybags,

    Short answer is yes. It's not something I'm proud of. I consider myself as a bright young man with decent ideas and the skills needed in order to make it online. I have created a lot of stuff online some of it good some of it bad. Sure I can do things on my own but to be honest I'm tired of not having a mentor/trainer/teacher that actually knows what I'm trying to do and willing to help me move forward.

    I think one of my biggest traits is when I get an idea I can go full out and have something created in a very short time. That same trait is also one of my bad sides as I tend to not followup and keep working at it until I'm on my next idea...

    Let's ROCK!!!
    Nick Martin

    Nick Martin Dot Com Personal Blog
    Lav Din Egen Hjemmeside (Danish)

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