Is Live Chat helpful or creepy?

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I implemented Live Chat on my site a few days ago. So far, the results are mixed. Though I've been able to engage some people by reaching out to them, an equal amount abandon the site when I do so.

Is it better to just be reactive when using Live Chat and be there if someone reaches out to me?
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  • Hey,

    I think it really benefits the customer if they can communicate with you. I can understand your concern and I believe it would become successful if you give your visitor the option of having a chat rather than a pop up (i'm guessing that's what your doing at the moment) :-)
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    As someone pointed out on another topic, it doesn't matter what people here think, it matters what testing says. We can only tell you are likes and dislikes. Sometimes what the majority on a forum dislike actually works to increase income.

    That said I personally hate to be pinged when I hit a website. I like the chat feature there if I need it, but when I get hailed in the middle of my thought process it really is a turn off.

    Did you ever go to a car lot just to look around and see the new cars, only to see the salesman making a beeline for you out of the corner of your eye? That is an "oh crap" moment and a turn off. However, in the salesman's point of view he doesn't make anything if you are just looking and it's better to bother some folks to garner that one potential sale.

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    I tend to agree with you. I've been experimenting and it concerns me that a good number of people apparently feel like Big Brother is watching and bolt when I reach out to them. When I'm in a store, I like to know when help is around but I want them on my terms.

    I think I'll try just keeping the Live Chat as an available resource for now and see how that goes. It's an amazing tool. I have learned so much about the behaviors of my visitors just by watching what they do. I get to see how they migrate through my site. I also get to see what they do when they return.

    I recommend Live Chat if not for nothing else. I also believe it portrays a more professional image.
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    I once experimented with live chat but most of the times
    I didn't want to be distracted from what I was doing to
    answer the 'calls'. No use having a tool that 'bothers'
    you in the process. If you can have trained people to
    deal with customers then it should be a helpful feature.

    I may try it out again on a few of my sites and see
    how it works out. That was 6 years ago and my
    attitude might have changed with age.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I would let people know right away that you are a real person on the chat and not a robot.

    Something new soon.

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