Paypal Trial Option NOT working!

by Stian Kjellhov 2 replies
I hope some of the astute members of this forum might know what to do

I went to my paypal account to create a trial offer for my new site. A simple thing OR so I thought!

Easy enough they let me set up a 30 day free trial periode, BUT do NOT let me bill my customer only once!

I just want to bill the ones who liked my products 29.99 after they tested it and are happy. I do not want to bill the twice. Nor do i want to split the 29.99 in two and bill them two days in arow for 14.49 or something.

Anybody know how to solve this?


This is a BIGGy for me, I might even change paymentprocessor alltogether. Any good suggestions?

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    Take a deep breath! I see people have this problem all the time - and there's a simple solution!

    Set it to:

    Trial 1: $0 for 30 days
    Trial 2: - blank -

    Do you want to reccur payments? NO


    $29.99 for 1 day.

    This will 100% fix your problem - the "one day" is a formality and required by paypal trials but it won't effect you.
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      Thank you!

      That sorted it it seems

      Stian Kjellhov
      Finaly a place to find out what IM products works and wich doesn`t. It`s free. Real reviews by Real people

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