I'm new to the warrior forum. a little about me...

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I've been a building maintenance man for twenty years. I'm in my 40s now and I know I won't be able to do maintenance forever. My knees just aren't what they used to be.

Last year I discovered internet marketing through a post that Marcus Campbell had made about why drop selling would never work. ( that's what I was researching to try to make an alternate living). I bought Marcus' program, I bought copy and profit and about a half dozen other programs and lost some money with ppc. Not that there was anything wrong with the programs, maybe i just didn't get it.

I bought one from Kelly Stone marketing and thats how I found Travis' Bum marketing method. I really think I'm beginning to see the light. I've made a couple of squidoo pages and written a dozen articles. I know that's nothing to most of the people here, but I feel like I finally have a chance mostly due to the bum marketing method and it was free....who knew?
I understand now that I have to treat my time as though it's an investment and my check isnt coming next week.

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    First, welcome to the Warrior forum, and second take care of your knees! I have some knee trouble too, and found that through improvement in the mechanics of my everyday activities I can slow, stop, or maybe even reverse some of the damage, so make sure you take care of yourself.

    My advice is to build up slowly, but choose things that will be profitable (even if small), so you can start to get some traction in the months ahead. For example, it is pretty easy to start blog, and put some google adsense on it, and build up your content in the coming months so you can start to have some traffic and leads.

    Good luck!
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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      Best of luck Lloyd. If you're committed to being successful then you will be
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      Hi LLoyd,
      Welcome. Just keep learning and working. I personally don't know the Travis method. But this doesn`t matter. What is important is to find a profitable niche, the right keywords, and a system to apply.
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    Stick with the article marketing to make some decent up front cash. It's a great return as long as you have a good product to promote.

    Also stay out of the WSO section and stop buying courses in general. You'll start trying all sorts of different things and start to lose focus. The only way to success is to pick something and stick with it.
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    Hey Lloyd,

    Good to see you being proactive and joining a good forum. Some forums make you dumber than you were when you started. This is not one of them. There are some smart cookies here.

    Best of luck,

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    Glad to have you here at warrior forums, I hope your internet marketing goes well!
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    Welcome Lloyd

    Great info here from all different aspects of Internet Marketing. Try to focus learning one skill at a time and then implementing. All this information can be overwhelming and you can't be everything to everyone.

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    Originally Posted by lloyd02 View Post

    I've been a building maintenance man for twenty years. I'm in my 40s now and I know I won't be able to do maintenance forever. My knees just aren't what they used to be.
    Side note.

    This is the new face of the IM newbie.

    We're going to see more and more of them.

    They are not going to respond to the same things young people do.

    If you market to the IM newbie, think about how you're going to appeal to this man. He's not young, naive, or uneducated. He's street-smart and savvy, been around the block a few times, and may already own or have owned a brick and mortar business. He's not looking to IM for fast easy money, because he already knows there's no such thing.

    More importantly, he has a finely-honed BS detector, little tolerance for what sets it off, and is not inclined to "forgive and forget" if someone steers him wrong.

    He's also not trying to live the Ferraris and mansions lifestyle. He wants something more like the old-school American dream of a little house with a white picket fence and two cats in the yard, and doesn't really care if he ever gets famous or dates Swedish bikini models or meets Donald Trump.

    The working-class IMer is a rising tide. Ask Danny Cutts.
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Hi lloyd -- yeah I agree with the above poster re WSO offers at this point for you. But not from the standpoint of learning copy writting--there is some good sales copy there. Focus is key -- pick something and focus on it like your angry boss is waiting to ruin you if you don't succeed. And FYI there are some folks that do very well drop shipping but they almost always deal with the manufacturers: not the top few pages of SERP's you get from Googling "drop shipping".
    I'd suggest reading a few books -- Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Ries & Trout (to name a few) -- all authors who know what they are talking about. Remember, what works and worked in mail order, TV direct response and face to face selling also -- works and will work on the internet.

    Good Luck
    The Wealthy Wiseman
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      Thanks for all the welcomes and good advice. I'm looking foward to learning from you all. I've been lurking for awhile and have seen some really great information being passed around.

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