Ok So everyone Likes Twitter- Personally I am sick of Hearing about it But---Tell Everyone How you..

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Lets list all the ways to make money from Twitter here! I do not mean to sound smug....and Dana....it is always a pleasure to see your lovely face

But....Lets get all the money making Twitter strategies in one place!

Then maybe we can have a few less post about it all over the board!

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    I haven't made a dime yet but it does seem like a good idea to go in and snag up all the names in your niche.
    Not sure how it converts to sales yet tho...

    It can only grow.
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    I don't think its any different than all the article posts, posted day after day, you get kind of tired of hearing about it.

    Twitter is the buzz right now so people are talking about it.

    Yes Twitter can make you money because you get direct traffic point blank.

    Frank Bruno
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    I haven't made a penny out of it yet. I joined twitter to network with people from the search marketing industry, never thought of selling on it though. But if i ever sell a product of my own, i will sure to send a twit out to all my followers...
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      I'm new to Twitter, myself, but I think Heman's got it right. Network with people, build a relationship, then tell them about your website and your products. So it's not much different than most types of marketing. It's another tool.
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    If you're tired of hearing about it, why start a thread about it?
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      OK - so I have a question - (maybe 2!):p

      I just went and signed up for Twitter last night - figured I'd see what it was about. Today I went and signed up to follow the people I would like to learn more from - all in the IM and related market.

      So - my question is.....do you have just one account? If you are in another niche, do you have a separate account set up for that one? Obviously, if you aren't selling to the IM niche, you likely won't make money from Twitter, right? (I am just hoping to use it to learn and maybe network a bit.)

      But, if you are in the dating niche or something like that, would you set up an account that points to your site for that niche and try to get followers who would be interested in that kind of information?

      Second question - how do you set it up so that you can have an email go out when someone signs up to follow you? I got a couple from some of the ones I set up and I can't figure out how to do that.

      Anyway - I figure it can't hurt to be able to get to know some of the best IMers through a bit of networking, so I am kind of excited about it.

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    Originally Posted by The IM Reporter View Post

    But....Lets get all the money making Twitter strategies in one place!

    Then maybe we can have a few less post about it all over the board!

    Some ways I've used (or seen used) to make money on Twitter are:

    * Sell on Twitter - Dell is selling computers, special offers too!

    * Network on Twitter - I've done JVs via DMs (direct messages)

    * Get hired on Twitter - Dana is just one of many who've landed contracts

    * Ask on Twitter - If you believe time is money, it'll save you hours!

    * Raise funds on Twitter - like my Heart Kids Tweetathon (over $11,000 in a day)

    * Broker deals on Twitter

    * Mastermind on Twitter

    * Brand yourself on Twitter - think ZAPPOS

    * Support customers on Twitter - again, think ZAPPOS

    Hope this helps.

    All success
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