How To Protect Your Digital Product Download Page

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Hi Warriors,

What if your download page or thank you page is posted in a forum? Is your download
page listed in Google? What about your eBook?

Your result of your hard work can be accessed by everyone because your page’s URL is too simple to guess or your page is simply indexed by search engines such as Google.

You invested your money, time and energy to create your best product but your product can be found by everyone easily without even paying you. You could loose thousands of dollars. You don’t want this happen to you, do you?

Fortunately its remedy is simple. You just need to:

1. Create a random directory inside your domain to make it harder for people to
guess the actual location of your precious page
2. And use robots.txt to prevent it from being indexed by search engines.
3. Or simply use Download Guardian for your ultimate protection.

Another trick, which may be more convenient for page usage, adds a META tag to an
HTML page to tell search engine robots not to index the page.

To prevent all robots from indexing a page on your site, place this following META tag
into the HEAD section of your page:


That should helps protect your precious pages.

One more trick, exclusive to blog only!

If that’s enough clue for you, then stop reading and protect your precious page now!

I’m honored since you continue reading and my little bit tip is useful for you!

To Your Success,

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    Nice sharing...

    I got one more idea we can of course protect the directory via cpanel file manager ..rite?
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary King

    Thanks for sharing, but there are several flaws to this...
    You're correct that an obscure directory name makes it harder to guess.

    However, you also stated in your message "What if your download page or thank you page is posted in a forum?". Once someone has the link to the obscure directory name, they can simply post that link as you suggest - it makes no difference what the name is.

    You suggest using a robots.txt file to prevent search engines from finding the download directory - it's a known hack to search for robots.txt and see which directories are blocked from the search engines and then try to browse them.

    Most search engines will obey the meta noindex, but not all, so that's not very reliable.

    You mention download protection software - that's the only way to truly protect your downloads. I'm not sure if you were looking to recommend one or it just was an example in your post.

    FWIW, DLGuard is from a well-known warrior here on the forum and has a long history of great support.

    Not trying to pick a fight here Alexander, just want people to realize that while these things can HELP hide your downloads, unless you are using software, it doesn't PROTECT your downloads.

    Security is all about layers, and the obscurity, noindex and download protection software make for a great combo. It's sort of like locking your door knob, throwing a dead bolt, hooking a chain, setting razor wire in the yard and activating motion-sensitive machine guns. That's lots of layers.

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