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Just looking for some constructive critizism.


good, bad, meh, let me know if you have
any suggestions.

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    Looks a bit hard to Read and understand for me.

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    I feel it was all bold but when I checked it is not.
    Change the font/color. Check your Meta tags also.
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    - I agree, I'd tone down the text a bit, make it easier to read.
    - On first sight, I don't really know where to go, it's a bit hard to navigate. Try to clean up the top area and make it obvious where I should be looking. List the three reviews (with links to them) up on top, with little else around it. Then, you can write a brief intro below.Something like:
    Review #1 | Review #2 | Review #3
    - Along the same lines, break up your reviews a bit better. It's difficult to tell where one begins and another ends.
    - You need consistency within your reviews, to help orient your viewer. What I see now are a bunch of randomly selected screenshots/banners/e-covers within the different reviews.
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      Those three sections at the top are taking too much easy readablility away from the visitor. Make it cleaner and easier to read for a start.
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        I like the graphics and overall design though it is a little cluttered.

        I do think you should give each product it's own page.
        Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
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          Hi - yeah - agree with all of the above comments, it looks a little cluttered at the top, I'd lose the abundance of links in the above the fold (right now it is in the top menu bar, on the left side, on the right side...) I'd at least lose the right side or left side...
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            look average , could change the color ..... a few links were not working or my connection was bit messed up ... do check'em
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              I had some time to kill (well, not really), so I played around a little bit in Photoshop to give you an idea of what I had in mind when I made some of the suggestions I did. Keep in mind, this isn't right, but I'd opt for something close to this in style:

              Hope this helps you some.
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    Your site does look good .. Keep it up

    2 suggestions from my side:

    1) The font in your page is same throughout. In fact in my browser everything came up as bold. You may want to vary the font and highlight important point to capture your visitor's attention.

    2) At the top of your page, you have given the links for your products too many times (left, right and top). I think that's an overkill. Instead you can have 2 -3 paragraphs explaining the fat loss process, why it is necessary and then proceed to recommend your products.

    Just my 2 cent.


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      Nice site! But I feel there are too many "vampires" links, sucking away my attention. Didnt really draw me into "action" - clicking the all-important aff link.
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