i want to call businesses and offer them websites...WF help me how to sell this

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hey i want to call business and offer them free website design, and they will need to pay for hosting...

i dont want to waste lots of money on marketing , i prefer at first to call those businesses on phone and offer them this offer...

help me with how to sell this offer and i'll be very thankful!
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    just call them and say exactly what you have written in the thread, maybe with a bit more details obviously about cost of the hosting and a description of what sort of website they can expect to recieve and how long they have to host with you etc...
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    People Hate to Be called for sales presentations
    on the phone, even businesses.
    First you have to get by the gate keeper (receptionist),
    who is trained to filter calls.
    Unless you really like cold calling.

    I suggest doing a little footwork in person, use your charm
    and try to schedule an appointment.
    At the very least leave a sample of your work.
    I used to leave a sample CD-Business card.
    The label is very important, and the cost is less than a brochure.

    My 2cents.

    Best of Luck!
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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      I've seen those cd-business cards and have one from years ago (the company is gone however). Do you have a source for where to get them? Doing a Google search brings up some very strange sites

      "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating" ~ Oscar Wilde

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    It will depend on the types of businesses you target. If you're after Pizza parlors and Bowling Alleys...you probably won't have to worry about gatekeepers.

    You have a great idea and could be on to something big
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    Scope out the businesses you plan to target and first verify that they do not have a website.

    Then call them up and say that you noticed they don't have a website and you are offering a special so that they can have a professional presence on the web. For a limited time you will build them a free website etc....

    You might be surprised at how many businesses actually already have one ... I know I was when I looked into this in my area.

    Gone Fishing
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      Ok. I'm going to play Dad here. Why are you offering them a free website? In a past life I dabbled in local web design work and quickly learned that the customers will continue to pester you with design changes. Now don't get me wrong. Web design can be a great business, but you might want to consider charging your customers for the design work and giving them free support for one year (or something like that). At least you will be compensated in some fashion for the agony that is sure to follow.

      You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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        Maybe you shouldn't.

        Look I'm all for getting your feet wet, but you don't have to take it to this extreme. And there are good reasons why you shouldn't.

        First off, you have to establish your own value internally. This is what I would do, scratch that, this is what I have done.

        1. Go create a gmail account.
        2. Create a Request for quote email. Something simple: "My name is Marcos I have a landscaping business and I need a simple yet elegant website built. So I don't waste your time and you don't waste mine, I'd like to get a ballpark of how much that costs and the time frame to complete it. "
        3. Go on Google and email that request to the top 50 firms you see.

        Wait two days and see the quotes you get. Most of the good companies won't respond back. I do this exercise about every six months or so to make sure my services are properly priced.

        What you'll find is that the prices will vary widely from a rock bottom low of about $600 to a whopping $40,000. But you'll find the average is between $3-4k.

        So rethink that free thing. You would think free would work in your favor, however it doesn't. I run four offline businesses and I know when I hear the word free my BS meter starts clanging hard. But what I do like is a bargain, if you tell me "Hey Marcos normally a website like yours with any other design company would cost you between $3-20,000 right?" I'm nodding my head here. "But I've got rent to cover this month and business is slow so I'm willing to do it for you for only $1,400 because it's better than staring at ESPN all day waiting for the NFL Preseason to start."

        Now we're talking. I love a bargain, I run for the hills for free. Make sense?

        Look there's nothing worse than doing work for less than what you're worth. Because if you do a site for free, and the fifth time they ask you to move a picture over a fraction of an inch you're going to be screaming, and asking yourself "Why didn't I listen to Marcos?"

        Price your sites fairly, offer a bargain. Be a professional in every aspect of your business and you'll do fine.


        P.S.- Check out Studiopress because they have awesome looking Wordpress templates you can setup in a few hours once you know what you're doing. I literally set a complete website up in 40 minutes this morning that looks more professional than 9 of 10 websites.

        P.P.S. - And if for some reason you're still wanting to do free, then flip the script, mass market and have them contact you. It's cheaper, because you just can't spend your time cold calling to work for free. Post on Craigslist, put business cards up in Panera and the other coffee houses, etc.
        We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up ... discovering we have the strength to stare it down. - Eleanor Roosevelt

        Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s that simple.-Curtis Jackson- 50 Cent
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  • I hesitate to tell you this strategy because I don't want to tip my competitors off, but... the heck with it:

    A lot of businesses have really bad websites that need updating in a big way, and they know it. Find them and reach out to them. I usually send an email with 2-3 potential improvements that I can see right off the bat, saying, "Before you ask your current web developer to do this for you, contact me for a full consultation (free) and pricing."

    Literally 90 percent of the time, they'll invite you in for a meeting right then and there. Of those, you can close at least 50 percent at a price that is fair for both you and them.
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      This is what in the sales business is most often referred to as a "cold call"

      Most business people consider this something like most of us view spam on the internet.

      but it is the cheapest way to reach out to business people, the problem I think you may have is that the mood of the person you are calling will not be very open to your call,

      There are a few things you can do, to "warm" things up, you can call during a set period of time, usually after 10:30 AM monday thru thursday.

      After 2PM Tue thru Fri it will still be hit and miss as far as actually connecting with any real business person, not to discourage you but from previous experience in the area of cold calling,

      you need to make 100 contacts for every one sale, that is just an estimate but it is fairly accurate,

      I would look at placing advertising, in local markets, or even do a low cost mailing,

      Just a few thoughts, and it didnt even cost you a dime...

      have a good week.

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        I've had success with sending people recorded video reviews of their website. Screenflow/Camtasia, I walk them through a short video presentation (narrated by me) and go through 'issues' with their site and what that means to their business (the bad). I then outline some things I can do at a high level. Host it on my own website and have a form below it so they can easily fill it in if they want to talk to me.

        It works well because it's different, it's more real hearing me speaking and seeing THEIR website in my video (not some canned letter).

        Also having something to SHOW them of what you've done. If you offered me a free website but want to charge me hosting. I'm far more concerned with what you're going to give me than I am of the hosting costs.
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          If you are targeting local businesses then use Direct Mail man. It's been around forever and it STILL WORKS. Internet marketing techniques ALL came from direct mail. Whether or not the IM guys will admit that is a different story.

          Here's how you do it...

          Letter one.

          Dear friend,

          Here's what I got.

          Here's what's you get and what's in it for you

          Here's what I want you to do next. (Call, respond by mail, email or website)

          With this you'll get leads.

          THEN...you send a letter to those who DID NOT RESPOND 2 weeks later

          Dear friend,

          I sent you a letter and haven't heard from you. This is your second notice...

          Here's what I got

          Here's what's in it for you

          Here's what I want you to do next

          Get more leads.

          THEN...send a the final notice letter

          Dear friend,

          I sent you a letter a couple weeks ago. this is your 3rd and final notice for this offer.

          Here's what I got

          Here's what's in it for you

          Here's what I want you to do next

          Telemarketing sucks. Door knocking sucks too. I used to sell life insurance and hated it. Direct mail is the way to go to target local businesses.

          Do some reading on the late Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy. They are the best copywriters by far.

          Hope that helps.


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    If you are targeting local businesses then use Direct Mail man. It's been around forever and it STILL WORKS.
    Of course you right Shane. Old Skool direct marketing is still very effective.
    Don't forget to mention (include) Testimonials!
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    thanks mates !! learned a lot!
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      I have gotten clients simply by introducing myself and sparking a conversation that has nothing to do with web design.

      For example a new art gallery moved in the building beside mine, I simply went and introduced myself in the parking lot, got into a short conversation, asked question about the owners business... casual things, do you enjoy it? hows the new location, stuff like that...

      Then when he asked what I did, i said I was a web designer/developer and I do freelance on the side... I also pitched in that I focus more on the marketing aspect.

      After that he said "Well we'll have to setup a time for you to stop by so we can discuss some details"

      That was it... and to boot... this wasn't intentional. I was just walking to my car.

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    If you're proficient at web design, web design is more valuable than hosting. I would offer them free hosting and charge for the web design. They will pester you forever with changes on the web design and if you're doing it for free, you lose.
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    Basically all in one this is what should be done:-

    1) Create a good website for your Business
    2) Cold call, Mail Out, E-Mail potential clients

    You should charge for the Web Design just $600 and then charge $60-$100 per Year for website hosting and offer a free domain name for life as long as they host with you.

    You should tell them they only get free moderations to the website for 1month after website completion, after that month you will charge $xx per modification.
    (this will stop them annoying you and even if they do you make money)


    Another good way of making a monthly revenue from it is offering SEO services ... But don't over sell only mention your SEO services after you have made their website and they have paid.
    (ofcourse you have to know a thing or two about SEO)

    I speak from experience I started online a few years ago it went ok but now I mainly work offline and business is booming and I don't have to worry about getting ranked in Google myself any more I can just get paid to get someone else ranked which motivates me alot more ....

    They are my views anyway....
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