Godaddy for web hosting?

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I know about hostgator and hostmonster for web hosting. But Godaddy has a lot good deals. Does anyone here use them for web hosting?

I'm just putting up a squeeze page for list building.

Thanks for your help in advance,


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    If you are just putting up a simple one page squeeze page, then you should be safe.

    If you want to install Wordpress you are in for a heap of trouble with Godaddy hosting. They are "cheap" for a reason.

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      I use Godaddy for registering my dot com domains, and no problem there, but I've heard they are not so good as Webhosts. As Greg has mentioned, there seems to be issues with Wordpress sites.
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    I use them for almost all of my hosting, including some with Wordpress blogs, and have never had a problem. They even call me from time to time to make sure I am happy with my service. I've never had another host do that. A lot of people on this site will slam them, and they may be coming from a position where they had one or more bad experiencs with GoDaddy.

    But I give them a solid thumbs up based on 5+ years of patronage.
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    I've used in the past and they are absolutely horrible with customer service and the speed can be very slow. I switched to and they have the best customer service I have experienced with a web host..and my site is fast too! They're a little more expensive but it is worth it.
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    Godaddy is the world's worst webhost. Doesn't have cpanel and the worst customer service ever.
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    I have used GoDaddy and 1and1. I also now use Bluehost (which has an almost identical interface to hostmonster). I have found Bluehost to be easier to use, the packages are cheaper and easier to understand, and it has been much better for me all round (e.g. easier to set up blogs)...
    Good luck!!

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    Yep I agree, Godaddy's hosting sucks. However, as VegasGreg mentioned above if you are just looking to put up a one page squeeze page your probably safe. If you are doing anything more than that or plan on doing more in the future than I would say stay away.
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      Originally Posted by Peter Gregory View Post

      Yep I agree, Godaddy's hosting sucks. However, as VegasGreg mentioned above if you are just looking to put up a one page squeeze page your probably safe. If you are doing anything more than that or plan on doing more in the future than I would say stay away.
      Even with just a one page squeeze page, downtime and slowness is going to cost you money. I'd rather pay a few extra dollars a month for something that is reliable.
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        I used them years ago and to be honest never had a problem

        These days I use them to buy domain names and Hostgator for my hosting
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    The main problem I have with GoDaddy is that things are not set out logically, it seems that they have brought out so many options and buttons with which to dazzle people into thinking they have got their act together that they have managed to get away with hiding cancellation buttons and things...added to the fact that absolutely everything that usually comes free with other places is charged for...
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    Although I have hosting at godaddy, I use them mostly for buying domains and host at hostgator and GVO.
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    I have hosting accounts at several places. I only have one hosting account at Godaddy. I didn't know any better in the beginning.

    I find bluehost is sooooooo much more user friendly. No baloney. No upsells upon upsells.
    And bluehost have a standard, easy to use cPanel.

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    Yeah, I host with a number of different hosts, and would have to say that GoDaddy is not the best of the bunch IMO. I really like Hostgator, easy interface, a lot of my sites are wordpress sites, they have easy install and updates, excellent customer service (I've even had them fix code and an htaccess file for me). That would be my choice.

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    I would recommend that you have a different domain registrar and a different web host to be on the safer side.

    I've heard horror stories about GoDaddy's hosting.

    I personally use namecheap(.com) for domain registrations and bluehost for hosting (I am looking to upgrade to a dedicated server soon).

    - Ishan
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      I host some sites on GoDaddy, mostly simple PHP scripts and HTML with a few older WordPress blogs that I started some time ago.

      I've not had any problems with speed or downtime on any of these sites. So far as this is concerned they've performed as well as HostGator.

      What they don't have is CPanel or several other very useful features that make hosting easier. In fact, it can be very quirky installing apps outside of their 'approved' apps. You also have a delay in changes to htaccess which can make things painful to do that are a breeze on other hosts.

      Then you have the constant upsell interface that gets annoying.

      While there a several hosts that are better, there are ones that are worse too.
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    I am in the process of moving all my websites away from GoDaddy. Their support is poor and my sites are constantly being hacked. They always blame me and say only a small percentage of their websites are being attacked, when the reality is much much more (researching google tells me that)

    Hostgator I have used before I sold my other sites, and never ever had a problem that wasn't solvable within hours simply by contacting their live support team

    GoDaddy gets -1/10 for hosting from me.

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