Have A Bussiness Paypal Account? Has it Been Limited?

by milan
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I'd like to know does Paypal require you to send them the infamous utility bill scan for a BUSINESS account at any stage (like, limiting your account), just like they do for Personal and Premier accounts.

It's not likely that my office utility bill would have my company's name there, and I know they are picky about the names on those bills (for Premier account).

So, can anybody tell me what are documents Paypal required you to lift the limit on your Business account?

(I'm not trying to get legal advice here I just want to get an impression on a typical case).
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    And I have a question too. Do they require a social security # these days for business account?

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    This is what I get:

    - Proof Business Registrations
    - Organization and Payment Information

    AML Policies - Provide PayPal with documentation detailing your anti-money laundering policy. It should cover Know Your Customer procedures, AML training, customer identification, and account screening against government list.

    This can happen even though you are verified. Expect it to happen every time.
    Sooner or later. So it's better to prepare these doc's before you open such acc.

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    By looking at Wikipedia I see that the social security number (in US) is given to people (residents or temporary residents), not companies.
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    Thank you Daniel. You have a Swedish account, right?
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      Originally Posted by milan View Post

      Thank you Daniel. You have a Swedish account, right?
      Yes, I also have a U.S with U.S addy. And they ask for same doc's there. But it
      has been cleared years ago. SO not sure what they ask for today.

      PayPal makes me nervous always. Not that they limit account. But you never
      know when they will handle it. As their phone support or email pretty much
      consider you to be a crook
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    Daniel, you were lucky to get them on the phone. It was impossible for me to get them on the phone for a Polish account. You must call their Polish number only (tried also UK and US Paypal numbers) and it is impossible to get a person. I've tried for more than 6 months to un-limit the account, and finally gave up. They don't reply to my messages at all and I can't get anybody on the phone. There is also a bug in the system to generate the temporary id code for phone support (kept generating "Internal Server Errors").
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      Yeh, that is what I talk about. For limited accounts is not even worth
      call in. They will just say they will look at your docs when they freaking
      feel for it.

      However after done once. They won't bother you too much again.

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