A Special Thank You to Kim Standerline and Michael Price

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Hi Warriors!

A while back, I came here looking for new new hosting since my old host wasn't meeting my needs.

Kim Standerline quickly offered me hosting that DID have what I needed for a very reasonable price.

Michael Price is her webmaster and he's been very helpful, both in explaining things to me and getting things done quickly. I had a devil of a time getting set up initially. Part of it was technical issues out of my control, but most of it was my own ignorance and unfamiliarity with everything. Michael was very patient and quick to respond to my problems.

Now, once again, I had a problem with my shared IP being blacklisted (I have NO idea why) which means I couldn't send e-mail out. Grrrr! BIG problem if I can't communicate with others. This just came up tonight.

Michael has just set me up with a new dedicated IP address in record time which has solved that problem in a hurry.

Thank you!

So if you're looking for Web hosting and need some help, I would definitely recommend Kim and Michael's service. They've been very good to me and I appreciate the level of service I've received.

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