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I have assessed my sales and traffic goals. I have calculated everything down to it's final numbers. Here are the cold hard facts:

If am to reach my goal, I need 1,000 visitors a day by the end of the year.

That means I have 6 months to build my traffic to 30,000 per month. 1000 per day.

So here is my question:

If you had 6 months to reach 1,000 visitors per day, how would you do it?

Oh yea, here is the catch. It has to be sustainable. I.E. Do it once and it keeps getting traffic without too much maintenance.

Also, please don't give a crappy one word answer like, "Articles" or "PPC." Put your thinking caps on here people! This benefits everyone.

Who wouldn't want 30,000 visitors per month?


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    Im doing training on traffic with Alex Jeffreys for the next 3 nights starts a 11 to night so if the thread is still here when I get through with these I post you his suggestion

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    Well I hate to be the one that says "Articles" or "PPC", but that's pretty much it!

    There's nothing that you'll do "once" and bring in 30k visitors or month. Everything has a method.

    If you want 30k visitors using free methods, figure out how many articles you need to write a month to achieve that.

    If you want 30k visitors with PPC, then I recommend looking at the different PPC networks and see how much each click is going to cost you.

    Bottom line is... Test, test, and test some more. 1,000 visitors from PPC is not going to be the same as 1,000 visitors from ad-swaps/JV's.

    Find the methods that work best for you and stick with it. Scale them up.
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