Make money niche first, or Second?

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I recently had a post that was seemed more of an advertisement than
a post.

I want to apologize to all of you for seeing that. Im just a newbie trying to get suggestions.

Which I did take some suggestions which is when this question comes up.

I have been trying to learn IM for awhile. I finally decide to make money affiliate marketing. Now from all the IM programs, ebooks, courses, every single one tells me to FIND A MARKET FULL OF BUYERS. what instantly came to mind was the MAKE MONEY NICHE. Now, my question is this:

Do I have to make money in another niche before I step into the make money niche? I know it is challenging, but let's face it.. make money niche is the niche with tons of buyers.

So if I start promoting a product in the make money niche, that I have bought and truly believe in, can I start promoting it even though I haven't made money yet? Do i have to go into some niche and make money there then the make money niche? Im not neccessarily telling the audience that i have made money.. im just telling them, "hey entrepreneur.. go here.. you can make money with this system.. there's even a 60-day refund policy if you don't think it can." no where in there does it say "I made money with it"
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    You will do best to stay well clear of the Make Money Niche.

    Solve peoples personal problems. The more personal the better. The more embarrassing the better. The "less you can talk about it" type of problem the better.

    Make a million doing that and then then you can tell us how to make money online.

    What you will tell us is that you will do it in niches that have nothing to do with making money online.

    Its a self fulfilling prophecy. My first this year

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    Originally Posted by AchievingDreams View Post

    Do I have to make money in another niche before I step into the make money niche? I know it is challenging, but let's face it.. make money niche is the niche with tons of buyers.


    If you promote a product in the IM niche to make
    money like you said you would, then there's nothing
    wrong with that if you ask me.

    It's wrong if you start creating products yourself
    that "teach" people how to make money when in fact,
    you're not making any yourself.

    Oh & BTW, there are plenty of other niches
    that have much more buyers. Good examples
    are the weight loss and fitness niches, they're
    far bigger than the MMO niche.

    Cheers & good luck.
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    You hear this all the time, but the make money niche has just as many buyers as any other niche.

    The one thing that stands out with the "make money niche" is the level of JV's and cooperation between product owners. That's why you see these huge launches and people promoting.

    Launches take place in other niches, but they are on a smaller scale and use different methods of promotion.

    Enter the niche you are most passionate about.
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    I am always amazed at the people in the "make money online" niche that don't make money online. I had a lot of experience and made quite a lot in different online areas before I started my site. This really helped me because when I write on something I have usually done it myself, know the ups and downs and can give true value in the content I offer. I totally do not think you should start a make money online site unless you have done it yourself. And if you do opt to enter this competitive niche you need to offer something different or you may find you are drowning in the ocean of other make money online sites.

    The same goes for being an affiliate of "make money online" products. You certainly can be an affiliate for make money online products but I think it is much easier to "sell" that type of product when you have tried it yourself. You can certainly read other people's reviews but there is nothing like hands on genuine experience.

    I personally feel it is best to sell products you believe in that offer consumer a lot of value and these are usually ones you have either tried or truly know a lot about.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    You can try, but I doubt you'll make any money. Even when I was a newbie, I knew when I was just reading a site by a guy that didn't have a clue. Even outsiders can judge the people that actually do this stuff vs the posers.
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    Are you talking about creating your own product and then promoting? If you
    are then I would go out and find EXPERTS in the "make money niche", there are
    plenty of them here. Now I would suggest getting a Skype account, get a piece of
    FREE software that will record your Skype calls and extract them to mp3 format,
    and then conduct an interview with the expert & VIOLA! you have your product where your not claiming to be an expert. By doing interviews with experts, your damn near guaranteed to be consider an's called the "Law of Association"

    Best Regards,
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    In my opinion...

    You should ONLY enter the "make money niche" when you have something really valuable to share.

    I know from experience that this is one of the most demanding niches on the web. Every single other niche I'm in, has brought me profits with less effort. I pulled most of my content in this niche, simply because it is much, much more relaxed for me to run my business how it was before. When I started selling to loads of people who were trying to run a business, without ANY business experience.... it became a real headache.

    Go sell some garden furniture, you'll be happier


    Bare Murkage.........

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    Even though the OP has been banned maybe the info will be useful to others with the same questions.

    For Heaven's sake ... don't go into Make Money Online when you don't know how to make money online. What can you possibly share with customers?

    Go into smaller niches with less competition. Do keyword research and find the niches where people have a problem that needs to be solved and help them solve it or sell popular Amazon products ... anything but MMO.
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