HELP: Need 2 oursource webdesign :who do you recommend!!

by jstarx
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I want to outsource all design work and seo optimization , for wordpress sites for my offline clients! I have 2 potential clients right now!

I need them designed , seo optimized, aweber capable, and installed!

I want exact names of people who can do this. people who can deliver qaulity. people that YOU use and YOU trust.

I am trying to get team of people i can depend on everytime i get a new client. I want to have an SEO person, and a Site Designer i can go to right away.

I DONT want a PLACE to look for people. Please recommend PEOPLE that are good. and charge good prices. I am going to be charging the clients around 500 to 600 dollars so the price has to make sense to me.

If you happen to be the person im looking for please let me know! I need someone reliable and someone i can count on when i need a site done. I dont want to go from site to site or person to person trying to find someone everytime i need a site done.

Thanks alot guys! ....... many people advising me to look up people in the phillipines and india. but i want to try the warrior forum first!!!!!!

(i dont want a place to look for people)
(i dont want to learn to do it myself right now)
(i want to concentrate all my efforts getting clients)
(i have some knowledge but limited time to do this stuff)
(id rather let someone who is great at it and likes it handle this stuff)

thanks guys
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    This is easy to get done and you can outsource to remote people and strangers - but I have found that it's also just as easy to find someone local who can handle this for you and that you can meet up with in person to build a good relationship with.

    I know a lot of people happily outsourcing this stuff too so it can work. I still prefer to work with people I can meet in person.

    I know that's not what you asked for but I wanted to mention it in case you jumped straight to looking online and may have not considered finding a reliable local person/company for this.

    Wordpress sites are easy and if you find someone who has a reliable template that works for local business websites, they can be easily and quickly created for new clients.

    A lot of people make this too complicated and end up wasting a lot of time talking about web design and graphics with their customers when in many cases you can just show them a layout that works and just say "yours will be like this but with your information in the relevant places" and they're very happy with that.


    nothing to see here.

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    Hi jstarx,

    Feel free to check us out. We are an offshore staff leasing company based in Manila, Philippines. We provide highly competent and dedicated staff at affordable prices, we could be of much help. see sig for additional info or live chat... thanks! Please check your PM for samples.
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      I just recently used Webricher and was very impressed. The site I had developed was more than I had expected. Their customer service is amazing. I'll be sticking with these guys!

      Hope this helps.
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    thanks guys, keep em coming, any price ranges would also be helpful......
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    Hi there - I've got a few guys who can help (we do this for a few people on here) - drop me a line for details.

    Otherwise - these guys are great - Logo Design, Web Design, Design Contests | for finding amazing designs etc. Maybe not as quick or cheap as finding someone on the WF, but an great website.

    Get your totally free outsourcing guide here..

    Send me a PM if you want to hire top-calibre outsourced staff.

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      Most designers are just designers with no idea of how to get better rankings from WordPress.

      You'll notice most sites don't implement proper onsite optimization with Wordpress.

      Essentially you want the theme to expose as much of your sites content as possible on every page. Popular posts, related posts, categories tags and so on.

      So when you look for a designer see if they have made any themes that comply with these simple rules. If they haven't then you know to move on until you find a designer that does it on every theme they make.

      Hope that helps. Also depending on what kind of themes you want I can do themes. Also you might wanna try themeforest for ideas.

      Good Luck.


      Started in 2009 now working on the above project.

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    Why don't you try a freelance web site? There you can find leading companies for designing works and optimizing things. According to my knowledge Odesk, Getafreelancer and Rentacoder are best.

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    I'll do them I use wordpress/dreamweaver/photoshop/illustrator.
    Price split 50 - 50
    I can make unique themes or can edit any theme.
    I can also do SEO
    I mainly offer my services to businesses off-line therefore I haven't had to do much SEO on my websites.
    If your interested PM me or reply

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    There are interested people that might be able to help you. check out warriors for hire section..

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