How to Promote High Cost Services??

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Hi everyone

I'm trying to help a friend who is the owner of a logistic and transportation company, but to be honest, I have never promoted such type of service. He wants me to help him with his official website but I can't come with good ideas.

Any tip or course on promoting such type of high cost services???

thank you all of you for your time
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    Never be put off by high dollar opportunities such as this. You could be positioning yourself for a major financial windfall if you do it correctly. Here is my two cents.

    Focus on the market your friend is in, not the service itself. That will come later. Is his logistics business local, regional or international? Defining the market first will help you lay out the proper marketing approach. And there is plenty of information right here on this forum for marketing in any one of these arenas.

    With the market now defined, create or modify your friend's website to show the potential customers how these services (specific to your friend's operation) would benefit them (financially, if at all possible). Concentrate your efforts on how these services would actually benefit them directly in real business terms. Avoid anything pie-in-the-sky... be factual.

    Work out an arrangement with your friend to be compensated on the basis of business generated through your ramped-up marketing and website efforts. Personally, I would ask for a percentage of the take, since this is money that your friend would not have received without your help.

    Hope this helps.

    You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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    Hi, I think you could promote the business with these:
    article marketing
    email marketing
    video marketing
    social bookmarking
    social networking.

    Hope this helps..

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    What / how are competitors in your friend's market place positioning and pricing themselves?
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    Thank you all for your answers I really appreciate it, Steve, by now the competition is not doing much, but at least they're using adwords, my friend wasn't doing any marketing!!!.

    My strategy is to "spy" them, copy some of their strategies and implement some of my own. Hope this helps to his business .

    In Love With Internet Marketing

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      A few things that will help you sell the service:

      conduct some interviews with clients [what do they like about the service, what didn't they like about competitors..] - you can then use their own language in website copy and rest of your marketing [makes it really resonate with them!

      you can also get some testimonials while speaking with them... you will nee d these.

      If you can get to speak with people who use the competition, as well as people who are prospects that will also be informative

      also, higher ticket items can be a longer sales cycle. They will probably want to speak to a human...not place an order online...

      hope this helps

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    sorry Steve, forgot to tell. Sadly I cannot se the competition prices because they must talk directly to the client. As far as I know, they are all direct competition to my friend's company but at least they are helping themselves with some marketing.

    Everyone has more or less the same kind of website structure, but the problem is that I cannot come with an original idea to help him with his marketing (i'm just copying the competition). I'm gonna try SEO Nuke or traffic geyser, hope "video traffic" converts well on this kind on business

    In Love With Internet Marketing

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    Hello Rogelio,

    I worked as VP Sales & Marketing for a global transporation and logistics company and I know Mundazas is pretty big down in MX. And from experience all the ideas above work very well. But where is his existing clients coming from direct sales, the net or? Are people searching for his type of services on the net and where from?

    You can always take the top competitor and put their url into Quantcast to get some demographic info on their traffic so you can geo target your campaigns. Any help you need let me know.
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    :O Thank you all so much for your advice, as far as I know, current customers came from word by mouth.

    As you said, I tried using quantcast or alexa.. but I've found that these services are often useless when checking non-english sites (not much traffic) , and as I expected, they gave me no info.

    For now I'm only using market samurai and the google adwords tool to see which keywords the competition is targeting, and which ones I can dominate using SEO.

    For now that's all i'm doing. As you said, I also think these services are too expensive for the clients to buy them directly from the website, but i'm trying to make them opt-in on our website so we can convince them over time. For now, we are offering some kind of free coupons to make them opt-in... but we are offering these coupons thorugh a "sales letter" site. some kind of:

    " Register free with us and the first 10 people will get these coupons for bla bla bla"
    ----->Register form <---------

    What do you think?, is this the right way to offer the coupons?

    Althougn all of his clientes came from word by mouth, I know that there is people searching the web for these services (using the google adwords tool), that's why I want to dominate some of these using SEO .

    Thank you all in advance, and thanks for your previous tips, I will use that too.

    In Love With Internet Marketing

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      make sure to put TONS of value in these "high cost services"
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    MOST important thing: make absolutely clear to the customer of the value they are getting


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      There are many ways to market high cost services, but there is one ONE Key to marketing high cost services.

      Get your mind off the high cost part and ON the benefit of the service.

      Selling ice cream or Multi - Cylindrical - Pneumatic - Quad - Pass - Presses the basics ARE the basics.

      Don't over think it.

      Its all about solving problems.

      What group of companies / people are most likely to have this problem?

      (Ask your friend how long is the normal sales cycle)

      This will determine how often you need to get in front of them to even be noticed.

      Long Cycle Sales require TONS of one on one personal contact.

      Start by focusing on trade associations and publications.

      Let the publications and associations be the ones who open the doors for the product or service.

      Online marketing does have its place, but the typical write some articles make some blog posts doesn't fit.

      Training sessions on how to solve the problems as a seminar or webinar (or private class) is a great tool to break away from the pack.

      Mark Riddle
      Today isn't Yesterday, - Products are everywhere if your eyes are Tuned!
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    Thank you SO MUCH all of you guys, also, I haven't thought on making training sessions or webinars, How could I miss that!!.

    Thanks again all of you

    In Love With Internet Marketing

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