How to make images on my website load faster?

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Hi guys,

I've a website with lots of images.

I notice I have to wait a while for them to load up.

So how do I make them load faster?

Change the format of the images? Most of them are gif, some are jpeg and a few are png.
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      Thanks Fryerben, if anyone else is willing to help me do it, I'll pay you.
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    Hi, will try and offer some help.

    One thing to remember is don't resize your images in your html editor always re size them in an image editing software. There is a free one here Photoscape

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      Something else you can try if it is an HTML page is to make sure you don't have too many images loaded in any one particular table.

      If your page is broken up into different tables the images will load in a different sequence than if all of them are just in one large table.

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        I also heard that it can depend on how deep into your site the images are.
        i.e. if you keep them in a folder close to the root level they will load quicker.
        For instance: as opposed to,
        Not sure how true this is though. Maybe someone else can shed some light.
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