G00gle's secret anti-Russian prejudice?

by Phil
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Here's a strange thing.

I have less than 2 dozen gmail accounts. I use them all for the same thing.
I sign up to services and receive updates, etc, into each of the accounts.
Nothing blah-hat. Just standard sites any of us subscribe to - but I give
a different username and email to each of my sites for purposes of SEO
and in case I sell them.

They all do the same thing. I don't send emails with any of them.
They are entirely passive.

So why is it, that the only one I created with a Russian surname has just
been arbitrarily closed by g00gle for the second or third time in a year?

Previously, I've been able to get it back - explaining just what I have
explained here. I have never been given an explanation - I've simply
been referred to the Google T&C.

All the other accounts, used for the exact same purpose, are all still open,
doing their thing.

It kinda irritates the hell out of me that G does this atall. That account
could contain information I need and potentially it has all gone. Of course
I have a forward on all my accounts so copies are kept - but that's not
the point.

Anyone else have a similar experience - anyone with an east European
sounding name?
#antirussian #g00gle #prejudice #secret
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    I am a bit confused. What exactly in GMail's Terms and Conditions was violated per Google?
    I have a Russian surname, so is a number of people I know who use GMail, both for sending and receiving email.
    Unless the name sounds obscene I don't see why they would care. Keep in mind, one of Google's founders is Russian
    Also, as a suggestion, use Backupify - Secure Online Backup and Archiving for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress | Backupify to back up your GMail (and other services) accounts.
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    I had not heard of Backupify - thanks for the link. I'll be using it
    from today : )

    As for the Russian surname. I was being frivolous - I would be very surprised
    if there was actually an institutional prejudice within G00gle, against Russians.

    But I am honestly perplexed as to why one account of mine, out of many,
    should repeatedly be subject to punitive actions when it differs in no way
    to all my others. Except in that it is the only account with an obviously
    East European name.

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