Blog Builders - Does Your Hostgator Account Have This Glitch?

by esr
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I build numerous blogs each week and I use Hostgator. Tell me, do any of you have this problem with Hostgator?

Each time I use Fantastico to install Wordpress, I am unable to access the admin panel of the blog, so I immediately have to go to the online live chat and have the tech do something to the blog so that I can access it. EVERY time. Sometimes I have to do this twice a day!!!! I have to tell them to "Whitelist a rule" so that I can access the admin panel.

Then, once I've added content to the blog, I have to go in and paste some special code into the .htaccess file. If I don't, the articles I post do not show up. I get a 404 error. This apparently has something to do with the permalinks setting.

Anyway, I am assuming these glitches have something to do with the version of Fantastico that's installed on my account. I could be wrong, but that's what I think.

Does anyone else have these problems? How have you dealt with it? I constantly ask the techs in the live chat what I can do to change this, but they always tell me the same thing; "Just come back here and we'll fix it for you."
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    I've never had that happen with any of the blogs I've created on Hostgator.

    Are you using a reseller account which needs you to alter a setting in Web Host Manager? You could try raising a ticket and ask the "real" tech support guys to sort it out. No offence but the Live Chat people are of very little help, in my opinion, unless it's a very straight forward query.

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    I build 5-10 blogs a week on Hostgator on both reseller accounts and shared add-ons and have NEVER had that issue with them.

    I would investigate further to find the 'true' cause of the situation and either have them fix it for good or do it yourself. A support ticket will normal get better results than their live chat, and also try their support forum.

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    If you're just running on an add-on account, it's terribly simple to bypass Fantastico completely when you set up a new blog. Learn a few simple bash commands and you can do the entire setup from an SSH command line in about 2 minutes or less.

    Caveat: I wouldn't use this if you're going to resell and move the site. Extracting the db tables can be done easily, it's just extra work in the event of a sale. And you definitely wouldn't want to do this if a third party has admin access to any of your sites.

    In short, if you're installing a bunch of WP sites for your own use, on your own hosting account, this makes it easy.

    Set up a WP installation outside of the main public_html directory. Set up a wp-config.php file with db information.

    To set up a new blog:
    1. Set up add-on domain
    2. Copy WP install to new domain folder
    3. Edit wp-config.php:
    a. set up a new table prefix
    b. copy/paste new authentication keys
    4. Install from new web address

    Most folks don't realize that you can run multiple WP installs from ONE database merely by having unique table prefixes.

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    Hostgator has more rules that need to be whitelisted than any host ... and it's a real pain. Take for instance the thumb.php script that most of the premium themes use to have those fancy slider graphics at the top of the blog. Have to get rules whitelisted or they don't work properly. There's a workaround that works sometimes and sometimes doesn't. I don't use fantastico so can't comment on that problem, but their rules are somewhat overboard in my opinion.
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      I don't have those problems and I'm with Hostgator. I set up 5 blogs last week using Fantastico and everything was fine. I have a reseller account if that makes any difference. Looking at the other replies I would be asking them why you are having these issues and what can be done to resolve it. They are usually very good.
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    I had that exact problem on the first blog I setup on Hostgator which was on an add-on domain. From memory, I had a re-write rule in the .htaccess on the main account that was propagating to all sub directories. I removed that and everything has been fine since then.

    So maybe check out your root .htaccess and see if there is something in there that is screwing up your add-on domains.

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