Offering Your "Time" As a Bonus....Anyone Do This?

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I had read once that you can greatly increase the perceived value of your product, especially if it is highly technical and nature and 'may' require support, if you actually listed that as a "BONUS" to your product. To take this a step further, that person had also recommended that you place a high price on your "time", as well, and not just some small monetary figure compared to other parts of your product/course.

Of course, this obviously means that you would need to make good on providing adequate support, whether it be through email or social media. I do realize that some marketers don't even provide any kind of support for their product...and the good ones do.....

Have you actually priced you "time" in relation to increasing the perceived value of your product? How "much" have you priced it? From what that person had said, there are quite a few strategic reasons to pricing your time very highly.
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    I've offered unlimited support and priced it as 'priceless' (which it is, because having support makes a huge difference)

    I haven't test it though, so I don't know if it increases conversions or not.
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      I do with some affiliate products I promote.

      Time is one bonus that is always unique to the person offering it, which is
      why it makes it more valuable than some of the more tangible bonuses
      people offer.
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    I have offered my time as a form of bonus, but I haven't run the numbers to give you a solid answer to your question. All in all, I believe it helps.

    As a marketer, there's another advantage besides the possibility of increased sales. That's being able to enter into conversations with customers. To me, this is better than list building. Though you can only deal with so many people, it is much easier to recommend other products that can help them. It's easier to find out what they need when conversing, and offering RELEVANT solutions is a win-win.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    I offer my time as bonus for my ebook, and, I can't tell you if it's better for conversions, but what I can tell you is that, people who took me up on that offer are people who I could really build a working-relationship with and that have ordered other services/products from me.

    Taking it one day at a time!
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      Thanks for the responses everyone!

      It was recommended, to me, that you place a very high price on your "time" for a variety of reasons:

      1) Supposedly, if someone sees your book/course, but then sees such a high price for your time, that subtly tells them that YOU are very valuable....and, the products you produce are very valuable as well...

      2) By pricing your time higher, it essentially can establish you as a bit of an authority...ESPECIALLY if you have the content to back it up, and REALLY provide the support you promise.

      3) A good seller would provide this support anyway (at least, they should...), but it makes for a really great bonus and subtly points out to potential customers that you are, in fact, valuable.
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        I have also heard this can be very successful, and amazingly, very few people take you up on it!

        As Lesley B states, it certainly helps you develop great relationships with those who take you up on it!

        Its also a great opportunity to get to 'interview' your target audience. Priceless!
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    Why relegate your time and personal attention
    to being just a "bonus"?

    Your time, your experience, your personal one
    on one attention make for a very compelling
    and valuable back end offer - something the
    overwhelming majority of marketers struggle
    with (unnecessarily).

    Selling a $27 ebook on why Bumblebees bumble?

    Why not offer a fixed term weekly coaching program
    to go along with it, ensuring that your customer
    winds up with the bee hive of his/her dreams?

    Offering a $77 front end product for affiliate marketing?

    Why not create a $197/month weekly mastermind
    group where members share their inside secrets
    and form their own "benevolent cartel"?

    All that said, offering your personal time and attention
    does make for a solid bonus - and many of your buyers
    will never "make good" on the bonus.


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