Should You Be Reselling Those Products?

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Hey warriors,

Remember when there was a big issue with the resale product Weblaw Generator?
Web Law Generator Warning!

Do you know if the WSO or resale products you have are even really legal? What about the all those private label articles? I've come across a few issues where writers on elance are not actually writing new articles. They sometimes rehash old articles or steal articles from other sources.

Since there are no laws or standards to provide the source of the information in all these products you never know when you might get a letter or email requesting your presence in court.

I propose a centralized wiki with as much information on as many products that we have in our respective arsenals. Here's an example...

Banish Bad Habits - Webavt-Wiki

It would also be good to include ALL products that are being distributed on the Internet that are KNOWN to be illegal or have other issues. This would include such products as Weblaw Generator. The Internet community needs to know about products that are known to have issues. I've seen enough innocent people get in trouble because of these types of products. Example...

Weblaw Generator - Webavt-Wiki

Let me know your thoughts, comments, or any ideas you may have on this matter.

Anybody who participates may include links to their own websites where they are redistributing copies of the LEGAL products they write about.

Also, a contributor page will be created on both the wiki and the main webavt site that mentions your names and provides a link to your websites for your help.


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