What is a press release really?

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Everybody is talking about press release.

Can you please explain what it is and how I can create one?

Thank you
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        A press release is a great way to get the best kind of marketing done for you - third party credibility.....when someone else writes about you [in a newspaper, magazine, blog, tweet, amazon review....].

        The release is intended to convey some news......what constitutes news can be almost anything.....from a
        • new product release
        • to a milestone achieved
        • a new technique for doing something
        • an event...

        Another benefit of a press release is that it can give you some good links...there are many free online directories you can post the press release to... so make sure to include a few links in your release.

        Lots of great resources online regarding press releases if you google. There are also some great services here on wf to write and/or submit press releases.

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    Agree with launchgal. Press release is one of the best option to build lots of backlink. Just finished read Daniel Tan's backlink system. Super excited with his valuable tips and tricks
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      I get ideas for press release topics by searching on PRWeb.com. You can see what other people write about in their releases and get ideas about structure.


      Magic Wand Author Services helps writers polish their manuscripts and connect to readers.

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        Hi Franamico,

        Great advices above, I don't want to repeat them. I'd like to suggest, if you have problems in writing effective press release, then make a search for fellow warrior Dana_W. She is a 'Queen' in this topics and will help you.

        Many successes,

        - nothing to sell now -

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    98% of the time an online press release is a great way for most internet marketers to spam the crap out of online sites and journalists. Not always true...but usually.

    However, that being said even the ones that end up as spam can pose as a benefit of sorts. Back linking, etc.
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    hey press releases are a great way for backlinks plus more traffic you can write them your self or outsource them

    davy norton
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