looking for SEnuke expert to give me a quick (paid!) tour

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just got SEnuke and want to outsource pretty much all of it, so I need to
create a system for my outsourcers.

I'm looking for an *experienced* (with actual results, not just playing with it)
user to give me a 30-45min tour of the latest version of SEnuke.

my objective is to build a system with which I can build link-magnets to individual
blog posts and sales-pages (think clickbank promotions)

the whole thing would be done over skype, you walk me through the process,
I record the whole thing so I can then show it to my outsourcers (or have it transcribed).

I want to end up with a step-by-step system, taking into account all the new spinning features, linking between
Web2.0 properties etc.

PM me if you can do this and let me know how much you'd like to get paid for your 30-45mins.


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    30-45 mins won't be enough I don't think. If I was you I would purchase Mark Dulisse's SENuke training videos, they were brilliant when I used them and he includes a working strategy as well in pdf format for your outsourcers to copy. Here's the link (NO affiliate link embedded) SEnuke SEO Advanced Training by Mark Dulisse
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    thanks for the heads-up -- I'd already seen those and I'm kinda scared;-) of watching close to 30 videos.
    ok, so if it can't be done in 45mins, then 1.5h -- I'm happy to pay for this, all I want is a step-by-step "do this, then do this" (no need to explain why it works)
    for one specific application: build link-magnets (Sean Donahoe style): one Web2.0 property being fed by 2 mini-link-wheels.
    that's all.



    Connect with me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/veitschenk

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