Cyberhub, should you avoid it?

by ildarius 28 replies
Hey Warriors, wanted your opinion on their service.

Last month I ordered some articles from them (20 articles on brain training) and
was really pleased with the work (the subject was not an easy one).

Now it's been over 2 1/2 weeks since I ordered a batch of 105 articles and still no word,
my emails are not being answered either (for the past 2 days)...

Can someone tell me if they worked with these guys? Or suggest another article writing place?

Thank you very much!
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    I saw something recently on their site about having taken on some really large orders, and that they may be back to doing normal orders by the end of October.

    Perhaps you got caught in the "downtime" for regular customers.

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    • Profile picture of the author ildarius
      Ack.. thank you

      Would you be so kind as to point to another service that does a good job? That's a shame, I liked their writing
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  • Profile picture of the author ibringjoy
    Sorry, but I'm not familiar with others in that same price range.
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    • Profile picture of the author ildarius
      They answered today!
      Good stuff, they actually ended up sending the articles, it's because of the 2$ special they had on september, thank you for answering
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  • Profile picture of the author newton
    Throughout their promotions, the quality and speed of the articles does suffer.

    But when they catch up with orders and return to normal pricing, the quality for the price is hard to beat. I've personally had hundreds of them for my own blogs (when my own writer is busy!)


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  • Profile picture of the author wordsandthings
    I've found some pretty effective writers in India of all places! If you have money to burn upfront, engage a bunch of different writers in India (Google "copywriting India" and you'll find a whole bunch.) Warning, it's a crap chute. You'll get a bunch of nonsense initially, but eventually you'll also find some real keepers -- indistinguishable from Native-English speakers, more diligent, and cheaper too!
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  • Profile picture of the author valerieSONORA
    I ordered one batch out of curiosity. I wanted to see what articles that only cost $2 for a 500 word article would be like. I had to wait forever to get them. I think it was 10 articles, not for sure. But it took weeks-I think 3- to get 10 articles so I can imagine it would take ages to get 105. The English was not so good, it was mediocre. It had to be fixed to make the English good enough to put up. I used them for hubpages after fixing the English. Well my curiosity was satisfied. You won't find anything else even close to that price range. I guess a dollar goes a lot farther in India and the Phillippines, I couldn't believe the rates when I saw them.

    siggy taking a break...

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  • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
    I used them and was not impressed. They are cheap articles, but you do get what you pay for.

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  • Profile picture of the author jeffster
    Actually I just realized I had two folders with exactly the same name "50 Weight Loss Articles" The one they sent me IS in fact unique, the other is PLR which I had forgotten about.

    I am quite happy with the articles.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mary Gallivan

    I first heard about them in the forum so thought I'd give them a try.

    My batch of articles came back after about a week and they were ALL material from my own site!! OK - they were re-written slightly but I couldn't have used any of them.

    I wrote back and they said they would do some more, I've sent reminders and still haven't heard from them.

    My mind is still open as to whether I used them again or not as I could have just been unlucky with my first order. A lot depends on how soon I get my new batch.

    As a dissatisfied customer I would have thought they'd pull out all the stops to fulfil the order.

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  • I had received an e-mail from someone who asked me to consider outsourcing article writing to them. I waited a while but ended up trying them out with a 5-article purchase just to see what I would get for such a low price.

    The work I received from them would have required some significant editing to meet my publishing standard. If the articles were submitted by one of my writing team, I'd have rejected them and sent them back to them for complete rewrite.

    But if you want cheap articles, they're probably among the cheapest. Just don't expect high quality.
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  • Profile picture of the author athena08
    Yikes! I am currently waiting on my first batch of articles from them now. Had been told they were good and reasonably priced...after reading this thread I am not so sure.

    Will definitely update when I get them and give my feedback as well for others' benefit.
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  • Profile picture of the author Frank Ayres
    I have ordered from them in the past and they have been alright but havent had anything from them for a few months

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  • Profile picture of the author remodeler
    I tried 10 articles from them a couple of months ago. They were so badly butchered that I had to simply delete them. No way would I ever use them again or recommend them to anyone.
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    • Profile picture of the author alyoung
      I used it and it was generally ok. Not perfect. I had to do some editing but worthwhile for the price. Some articles are better than others.
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      • Profile picture of the author Cynthia Mosher
        I ordered five 500 word articles this past week. Turnaround time was supposed to be 48-72 hours. It took them five days. The articles need considerable rewriting to make them of decent quality. I won't use their service again.
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  • Profile picture of the author joe.marsh
    They are hit and miss. At times the articles are good and at other times they really suck.

    Best of luck.

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  • Profile picture of the author spriyada
    I have used them more than a couple times now. They take longer than they say they will take, but the quality is normaly good.
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  • Profile picture of the author emigre
    First time I tried their $10 for 10 articles package a few months back the quality was pretty good as promised in the offer.

    However, the second order was plain crap - lots of repetition, wrong facts and grammer etc - I sent it back for rewriting and it came back 90% the same.

    When I complained about this in dp forum where they advertised their offer and gave them a negative rep, guess what they did. They gave me a negative rep right back. How immature can you get?
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  • Profile picture of the author jacksonlin
    Any updates on their quality now?

    I'm considering ordering a batch.
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  • Profile picture of the author derrickp
    They still owe me articles from March. Once a month I email them and say please refund my order or supply my articles. About every other month they reply but I never get the refund or the articles.

    Slime England

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    • Profile picture of the author bsimard
      I ordered over 100 articles from Cyberhub back in March 2010 when they were having one of their promotions. In May I still hadn't received even one article back from them. I sent them an email and they responded that if I wanted to pay the premium amount now they would speed up the process.

      Well, I didn't sink any more money into it and I'm out about $250. I sent another email last month and haven't heard a thing from them.

      My first batch of orders were no problem but I'm really disappointed now.

      I was watching a video the other day and the presenter suggested I checked their site and the prices there seem pretty reasonable.

      Time to swallow my pride and move on I guess. I hate losing all that money though!
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  • Profile picture of the author Shannon Herod
    The quality of the articles are very poor. You get what you pay for. If you are paying one dollar an article they are being written in a Third World country where the person barely understands English. Most of the time the person writes it in their native language and then runs it through a translator. So, the quality is garbage.

    Talk soon,

    Shannon Herod
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  • Profile picture of the author Fun to Write
    It seems like some people like this service and overlook the quality issues, while others who need quality are disappointed.

    I guess the lesson here is, if you don't care much about how well the articles are written - go with the cheap article writing service. If you do care a lot about that, then find an article service that provides both quality and quantity at a reasonable rate.

    Focus+Smart Work+Persistence=Success

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  • Profile picture of the author Lemints
    Delays happen. Hold tight. I've waited a full month on many occasions (services from similar companies).
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  • Profile picture of the author Trent Brownrigg
    I ordered from them last year and it took so long that I eventually cancelled my order and asked for a refund.

    You can find internet marketing strategies, SEO consulting, and tons of business advice at BAM!

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  • Profile picture of the author SPMassie
    I heard enough back feedback about them to stay away personally
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