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I'm thinking of creating a PLR package and I want all of your feedback.

My idea is to create 50 unique and original 300 words articles in a specific niche like weight loss. These articles would be 100% original written by me.

Now this would normally go for a bit over $200.
Even from some of the cheapest writers you will still be looking to spend over $100.

I want to offer 30 packages for $30. Limited time offer and I will not be selling more than the allotted packages so the articles will not get over used.

Now what I'd like to know from you warriors is a few things:

A) Would you buy this package?

B) If you wouldn't buy it, why?

C) What could I do to make this package better?

Thanks for any and all feedback
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    I thought about going this route a couple of years back Ryan. It's actually the reason I found my way to the Warrior Forum, researching a little.

    Three things dissuaded me from it, although I must admit I have considered it again from time to time.

    Firstly, todays hot niche is tomorrows giveaway product. There is the risk that you miss time a PLR launch and sit with a package nobody wants anymore.

    Secondly, it's about profitability. Selling a PLR pack of 50 articles of 300 words, for $30 a pack, 30 copies only, would bring you in $900. This is fine, if I were writing uniques I would expect to make about $600 for the same work, so in theory it's an extra $300. But think of the time involved in putting together a good sales page, and dealing with all the forum messages and PMs, that will take up a lot of your time, possibly more time than it would take you to make the extra $300 writing uniques for your clients.

    Thirdly, it's a matter of business progression. The only repeat customers you will get are those who previously purchased one of your packages, and in future find you have written a further package which also fits one of their niches. However, in dealing with unique content for individual customers, you would find your client base would have grown regardless of the niches they are targeting, as they would be requesting the content they want, not accepting what you are offering.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you form your idea, as I mentioned previously, I have considered it regularly in the past myself as an experiment, but always hit the obstacles I outlined above when working the idea through.

    Good luck though if you try it, I'll watch keenly to see how it pans out for you.
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