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Hey Guys

(Admins/Mods, I didn't find forum feedback or "suggestion box", so I apologizes for posting it in "wrong" place)

I just spent about 20-30 minutes looking for definition of "Resource box". Search function is great, BTW.

But I wanted to make a suggestion. I am a member on another forum that runs vBulletin and they have a very nice plugin that overlines the common terms and converts them into links to definition page.

This is of TREMENDOUS HELP to new guys. For example, take word SEO. The plugin would replace all occurrence of word "SEO" in each posts and convert it to POPUP link to definition of "SEO - Search Engine Optimization. <short definition to help newbies to understand"

Please see example:

List of Facebook status reports that are DHV - The Attraction Forums - Free Pickup and Dating Advice

Disregard the topic at hand but take a look how word "DHV" is overlined. If you hover your mouse over it, you will see a popup with brief definition.

I can think a list of IM definitions to define:

Resource Box
META (keywords)
Bounce Rate

We can get one or two guys to volunteer to write this list.

What do you think?
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    Hey TrueStory

    Some of the common terms/abbreviations (like SEO and WSO) are underlined in posts here. When you hover your mouse over the underlined terms, the definition pops up. I've attached a SS of your post to show you what I mean.

    So, that function is already in use (at least in a limited capacity).

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    Indeed, for some reason this doesn't work for me?
    OHHHH i see... it doesn't underline for me, just tool-tip.

    This is how it looks in Chrome: http://prntscr.com/e5b8

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      So if Bill Clinton where here he'd no doubt want the word "is" overlined, I'm guessing.

      Where do you draw the line?

      On words you don't understand?

      Do we take a poll?

      Btw, fwiw, afaik, iirc, it only takes a little reading to reach a level of understanding on the given terms you suggested. Same with a thousand other words/phrases.

      There may be other ways to have a race to the bottom to make it easy for lazy people to just have it all laid out for them, so do we just stop with the suggested technique?

      I'm also guessing you can tell I don't like the idea of loading the text up with unneccessary mechanisms just so a few folks won't need to expend all that energy needed to truly learn the subjects.

      Btw, (that means "by the way", btw), add smileys where necessary, I'm not ranting, just commenting.

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    Lol I think this is a good idea but most people pick up on the terms used here pretty quickly


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    Do we have a definition for smartass?

    I am talking about Internet Marketing terms, not internet slang like lol, ftw, btw, etc.

    The most difficult part for a new person in ANY field is "technical lingo". Good communicators and writer use as less lingo as possible while still preserving underlining meaning of the message. It is polite way to briefly define any acronyms or abbreviation on the first use in the text, if intended audience might not be familiar with field lingo.

    Unfortunately, we are truly lazy, we do not explain acronyms, abbreviation, shorthand notation, and other Internet Marketing-specific words. So let the software reward our laziness?!

    The solution i suggested is free, easy to implement and can have a trial period. It doesn't tax the system.

    Since we live in word of availability, accessibility and ease of use; since we rely on information that is easily accessible with a click of a button; all in order to increase productivity, attract new clients/visitors and make their experience as pleasant as possible, are you telling me you do not wish to welcome new users?

    Or are you saying that new guys are lazy, not-as-smart, IM-uneducated "noobs"?

    For a second, I felt I was back at 4Chan...for a second

    Your business matters only to people that matter to your business[/U][/B] - Reach them?

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      Originally Posted by TrueStory View Post

      ...are you telling me you do not wish to welcome new users?
      Of course not. Saying I don't wish to see an ever increasing (one possibility) amount of words on a page cluttered with def-links is worlds apart from not wishing to welcome new users.

      Or are you saying that new guys are lazy, not-as-smart, IM-uneducated "noobs"?
      Again, neither.

      Actually, you are making my point brilliantly as what I am alluding to is that the ability to see a definition of a word is not the same thing as having the ability to understand it.

      Understanding takes thought. Removing the initiative to seek understanding and replacing it with an "easy button" is hardly a boon to true learning.

      I bet it would surprise you to see how many "noobs" as you refer to them would see a term like "SEO", click on your doodad, see the definition is "Search Engine Optimization", and go "Oh yea, ok, search engine optimization" and be pleased with their understanding at that level. Seriously.

      Again, these are just my opinions and carry no weight.

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        Originally Posted by Bill Farnham View Post

        ..."Search Engine Optimization", and go "Oh yea, ok, search engine optimization"...
        Bill, I don't know why you are so down on it.

        Don't you want to be optimized to be a better searcher?
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