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Pay per click advertising is definitely not a new word for those who involved themselves in internet marketing.
Advertisers who interested in Google Adwords pay per click advertising are advisable to sharpen their Adwords knowledge at the learning center. Google adwords learning center provides lesson so that advertisers have better idea and knowledge when posting an advertisement.
However, keyword targeting is a tricky one. Good keywords lead to good quality score and hence reduce the bid cost. But how google adwords determine the quality score?
Many people do not understand the system of google adwords.
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    There are many factors in calculating your QS. Click-through-rate (CTR) is important. Your landing page needs to be relevant to the keywords you are bidding on (i.e. relevant content!). You should have links for your Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Contact, and Sitemap on your landing page as well. These are some tips to start with. I highly recommend PPC-Coach if you are looking for Google AdWords coaching and help.
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    I recommend picking up a copy of Ultimate Guide To Google Adwords by Perry Marshall. This book has helped me a lot with Google Adwords and it's available in all major book stores.

    Perry Marshall also offers personal coaching and e-books. Just do a search for his name.
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      Thanks you all for the guiding and recommendations. I would take a look at those website and read carefully about that. Google Adwords is such an important element in IM.

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