OFFLINE GOLD: A One Minute "Oil Spill" Video nets $2400 - check this out

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For anyone who thinks "offline" gold doesn't exist or is hard to do...

I was at the beach hanging out for a few days last week and heard about all the problems the condominiums were having keeping bookings.

I went to the GM at the place we were staying and asked her if she would be interested in a little promotional video or two that would show people that Florida beaches are still pristine.

She said sure - go for it.

I told her she could do for me what she thought it was worth.

The next day - the video was on page one of Google and was beginning to go viral with over 3700 views.

Now it is featured on the Condo's website

AND - my wife and I have a complementary week coming to us ($2400 value) whenever we want to go back down. PLUS - we got one extra night while we were there at no cost.

The GOLD is out there - just find a problem and solve it.

(just do a search on Google - "Destin oil spill" - it's the 5th result)
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      thanks for the update on the beaches. I was thinking of going but now I won't. I don't want to contend with dragons and suntan lotion :rolleyes:
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    Offline Oil would be a slick name for it also...

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    nice video and a great idea!
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    Great idea nice job don't stop
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    You've given me a splendid idea. Talk about "trends"...the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is about as huge as you can get when it comes to headline news. Since the spill hasn't hit Florida or it's beaches (yet), I think I'll piggy-back on your marketing idea by bringing Florida merchants into the mix, for a profit of course. Thank you for sharing. This is hot!
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    And what happens if tomorrow it ISN'T!?!?!?
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