The Cat Whisperer-which direction do I take it?

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Hi all,

I'm working on a new idea (for me). I need a little advice or some opinions. So here we go.

Which direction would you take this idea?

The idea:

Create 1 main website and work on the branding of this site/start building a list etc. ie...

thecatwhisperer dot com {lol-this might be a new niche, haven't checked }

then create reports for sale pertaining to cat whispering and sell the reports via the catwhisperer dot com site


create many different types of cat whispering reports and buy a domain name for each cat whispering report.


a combination of both, ie-

a branded website that mentions the cat whispering reports and sells on the site- as well as domain names for each report

any advice will be much appreciated.
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    I was planning on doing something similar in a different niche, and I preferred your third idea - having one central branded .com and then having a domain name for each report.

    My theory was I would heavily promote the branded site, and the reports would be linked from that site. The domain for each report would then reflect the topic of the report.

    I can't tell you how it went, it's been on the backburner because I've just had too much other work on.

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    Go with whatever helps to brand you most effectively. You want to build a name as THE cat whisperer. Basically, this is gonna be one central site, and then whatever spinoffs you want to do.
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    Keep it simple. One site. It's less confusing, less work to keep it fresh, all your promoting and branding is for one domain name. I wouldn't suggest this for all businesses, but for what you want to do, IMO, one site will work just fine.


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