How do you find BIG affiliates?

by BJ Min
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Is there a website you can find good BIG affiliates?
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    I heard about "Lake Affiliate"

    I think it is outside Ontario Canada.....A lot of big ones there
    New Product Launches, Affiliate Marketplace

    Need More Sales? More Affiliates?
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      They are all over this forum, but I think the question should be,

      "How do you get them to notice you?"

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        i am not some kind of authority (yet) but let me give you some tips:
        1. when you ask them, don't try and say in the first sentence that you have a very good product and the you want them to promote it.
        2. when writing a affiliate promotion try to sound like a friendly person and not like a pushing merchant that is desperate for money
        3. maybe the most important...give your REAL affiliates a free copy of your product. so they can review it and send it to their list or stuff

        Thats what i've come up with atm.
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        Originally Posted by Eric Lorence View Post

        They are all over this forum, but I think the question should be,

        "How do you get them to notice you?"

        Now THAT is the right question to be asking.

        How do you get them to notice you?

        The best way I know how to get affiliates to notice me
        and get them to promote my product is by making them
        money as an affiliate for their product.

        Reciprocity still reigns supreme here.

        Which marketer do you think a heavy hitter will be most likely to promote?

        1. Some random person that sends them an email asking them to JV with them
        just because they know they have a big list?

        I mean seriously, how many emails like that do you think they get daily?

        -- OR --

        2. The marketer that has made them hundreds or thousands of dollars as their affiliate
        who sends them a message something like this:

        "hey Heavy Hitter,

        Remember me? My name is BJ

        I promoted your last product you launched, "Whachamacallit," and was in your top 10
        highest revenue generating affiliates.

        I've also made a bunch of sales for you for product x and product y from my autoresponder.

        I was wondering if you can do me a huge favor and let your newsletter readers know
        about my upcoming product I'm about to launch in the next couple of weeks.

        Any type of help would be much appreciated including, but not necessarily in this order:

        - a solo email to your entire list or segmented list
        - a permanent spot in your autoresponder (if it's evergreen)
        - a spot on one of your highly trafficked download pages/ members area
        - etc.

        So far I have these guys confirmed:

        - Heavy hitter 1
        - heavy hitter 2
        - heavy hitter 3

        Here's some more info about the product and what and how you'll be paid:
        link to jv page with video (if possible)

        Anyways, I'd love to have you on board. Please get back to me
        or just signup on the affiliate page so I can keep you up to speed
        as we approach the date of launch.

        You know I'll continue to promote your stuff as hard as I always have in the past.

        Looking forward to sending you a fat commission check


        ************************************************** ******************

        I think you catch my drift. That message I just wrote from scratch, so it may not
        be the exact message I personally would send.

        But I've found that the best way to get anyone substantial to support your next
        launch is by making them money from one or more of their launches.

        Hope this helps,

        "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

        Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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