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Hello all! I just joined this community, I love the threads and information offered here, specially in The War Room, really helpful!

I'll love to participate and help others in the future, but right now I'm more on the "I need help" side of IM.

I'm facing the following situation: I bought a course that helped me start with IM, Affiliate Marketing to be precise. But after setting a site, I got no traffic whatsoever, so I started reading information to see what I was doing wrong. The mistake I had made is obvious to me now, I had done no proper niche research, and no keyword research, so I was not targetting any viable keyword

So I decided to start again from scratch, and read lots of information on both niche and keyword research. I've found many niches that seem promising, and interesting to me, but when it comes to Keyword research, I'm trying to apply all the advises I see here and in other fourms, ebooks etc, and I'm kinda stuck.

In order to give a keyword a "go!", it should:
- Have enought traffic, preferably 3000 or 5000+ Exact searches monthly.
- It shouldn't have a very strong competition; preferably not many old domains in the top 10 in Google, and pages not properly optimized for the keyword, without many backlings, with low PR...
- It should be commercially "relevant", with good OCI ratios, and showing an intent to buy.
- If possible, it should have at least 10 / 20 additional related keywords that I can write articles about, in order to promote the site.

Well, my problem now is that all keywords I have came up with and digged on using Google External Keyword Tools, SEOBook / wordtracker, Market Samurai (which I purchased and like a lot) must be discarded because they don't meet any of the above criteria. Usually, they either have a low search volume, or they have too a strong competition in the TOP 10.

I feel trapped in analysis paralysis, I'd like to start acting and start building and promoting a site.

What am I doing wrong? Am I being too strict with these criteria? Am I overthinking? Am I not being "smart" enough when choosing these keywords, and only come up with what "everybod else" has already found and targetted? Any advise that can help me move forward?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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    I think your problem is in your first variable...3,000 to 5,000 "exact" matches. Having this AND meeting your other criteria would be pretty you're finding out.

    Try your luck with 1,000 and see what you come up with.

    - John
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    Focus on brand name product reviews when starting out, This is the most targeting traffic for affiliate marketing
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