How to STAY wealthy? Advice needed.

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Hey guys, most of you probably don't know me, but I am a long time internet marketer, actually I started out flipping sites for alot of money, actually I bought a bunch of sites from a guy on my credit card when i was broke, and literally sold them individually for ten times what I bought them in bulk for, so basically that allowed me to have a large financial cushion to work with. I did good with flipping, but the past few years, it's gotten ALOT harder. Anyway, I started with affiliate marketing, and right now i'm making quite a bit. I won't say exactly what I make, because that's not professional, but i can say my monthly earnings are probably alot more than what most middle class people make in a year. I'm still only 27 years old, but I have a wife and a two year old, and the ONLY reason I work so hard to make money is so that I don't have to worry about finances, which for me, allows me to focus on the things in life that matter. Now, I can tell you that I make a good bit, BUT, in exchange, I have to constantly be on the ball. I guess what i'm saying is that now that I can invest in some other ventures, what would you guys recommend that I could do on autopilot? I thought about basically getting guys to build me a bunch of sites, and to do really good seo on all of them, and just have them make money from any method I can. I k now that doesn't sound like much of a plan but that's all I got right now. After browsing flippa and ebay looking at sites for sale that are already making good money, it seems I'm scared to buy because ALOT of them seem too good to be true. For example a guy is selling a business that gives him over 90K a year in profit, but he's selling it for 40K. He said he's doing it because he's moved on to better things. I'd want to believe him, it's just hard to. ANyway, do you guys have any advice for me? I guess another thing that bothers me is the fact that I don't have a business I can sell for alot of money. My knowledge of how to make money with the methods I use is probably better than most, but that in and of itself isn't as valuable as say a website that i own that makes me 200K a year. I thought about using my earnings as a way to promote myself in the consulting biz, but to be honest there's a few areas i've avoided that a consultant probably needs to know more about. So, hopefully some of the veterans here can give me some good advice, because i'm ready to dial it down and let stuff run on autopilot, even if that takes working hard for two more years and in that time developing a bunch of sites or services that have been paid for and are making money by the time I decide I want to quit the affiliate marketing stuff, or at least slack off a little bit. I suspect with my personality i'll never fully quit, but at least now I can focus on some hobbies i've neglected and plus my family will be able to go on vacation more, stuff like that. Thanks ahead of time for your help.
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    Wow, what a great wall of text!

    First things first - get familiar with whitespace and that funny shaped return key on the right.

    In answer to your initial question, I think the best way to stay wealthy is to have no fear.

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      Keep only a portion of what you are earning to expand upon those things you are doing right with IM. You might want to consider banking the balance until you can clearly see another business opportunity. Always diversify if you have enough of a cash surplus to minimize your downside risks.

      You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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    I'll bet this post was packed full of great insight. Unfortunately, I got dizzy trying to get past the first sentence. My wife is an English teacher. She would make you stay after school for writing this.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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