Help! Any Wordpress experts out there?

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Help! I know this isn't a tech forum but I'm hoping someone can offer some help paid or otherwise.

I'm in search of a Wordpress expert, or someone smarter than me, who can review my WP blog and let me know what happened with the structure? It used to be a decent, clean 3-column blog. I worked on it over the weekend and it does seem to look better in Firefox on occasion but it's still a mess in IE.

The odd thing is that when I open the site up through the 'visit site' button in the admin area everything works fine both in Firefox and IE. It's when I go through the browsers that I have problems. I cleared out my history and caches hoping it would be this easy but it didn't help. I even went to another computer which has never seen my site and the wacky version appeared.

The problems began when I installed the CPAleads plug in. I immediately uninstalled the plugin when I saw what it did to the table structure of my blog but the effects still remain.

Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. Please PM me and we can work out a deal.

Blog -

Thank you.
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    I guess this might not be a helpful reply - it looks ok for me in IE and in Chrome.

    Which version of IE are you using?

    Edit: Of course, I don't know what it's supposed to look like. At the moment it is two left sidebars (or narrow columns) and the rest is blank.
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    Hello, have you been messing around with the code editor by any chance on that blog?

    Usually, when that happens to me I deleted a end if or something. It's hard to find problems like that if you weren't the one who messed it up.

    I reckon whoever was editing your code, probably left an end if in the sidebar when they were trying to delete some of that annoying blogroll stuff.
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    That happens often due to certain plugins. You might want to try to deactivate your plugins and see what happen if the structure comes back. Then reactivate them one by one until you fnd the culprit.

    You can contact me from my site in my sig below, if ever you need further help.

    Best regards,

    Andre Foisy
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    You may need to get the original theme files and reload the theme without the CPALead code. If you had added any code to the header (such as Google/Yahoo verification) you may need to copy those lines of code to notepad before you reload the theme or else you'll lose them.

    Try that and let me know what happens... for now I only see two sidebars on the left, and I'm looking at it in Chrome.

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      Thanks guys for the help! Very much appreciated!

      It should be a 3-column blog but the CPAlead plugin knocked out my table structure. I saved the source code from when it was working fine and now and there is definitely some changes. What baffles me is that it works perfect if I click the 'visit site' button within the admin area? Go figure.

      Netman - I may be contacting you if I can't get this to work by this evening. Just let me know your price. Thanks.

      Warning to all - be careful on which plugins you install. Read the comments and the ratings before installing/activating a plugin.

      Matthew D.

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        Don't know if you are using a text widget where you might have added some html code or something.

        If so check that all tags are closed especially the div's.

        A couple of times blogs have gone awry on me when I failed to close some tags.

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        Originally Posted by infohog View Post

        Did you have a sex change?
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          Thank you all for your help.

          I think I got it fixed. I believe the problem was the tag cloud. The last few posts I have added many more tag words than normal and I don't think the tag cloud enjoyed it.

          Again thanks for your input and your time!
          Matthew D.

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    check out this plug I cant say for sure, but if you disable it you may be able to see if it is the problem,


    By the way you have a lot going on in your code, and your header, is like heating up my computer, LOL
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