my site de-indexed from google...

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I have a site up right now that was ranking at the bottom of the 1st page for a keyword phrase that had over 40 mill competition. And then dumb me, didn't pay hostgator on time because I disregarded the email and forgot about it.

Next thing you know is I was suspended from hostgator (made payment after I found out) and only the home page on each of my domains got de-indexed. Every other page is fine, except for my home page. It's been about 4 days and still have yet to see it indexed again.

Has anyone experienced this?
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    Well I had that same experience before but your ranking will return. I have been hit with that when I ranking number 5 on page 1 for a keyword. They will re-index again after a week.

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    Thanks for sharing it. It's a useful information for the webmasters like us. We should always take precaution to renew the hosting services and domain registration.

    Keep us updated if your homepage will get re-indexed. I hope that it will soon.
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      Yeah, I wouldn't worry about that for now. Google will eventually "find" your home page again, considering the spyders crawl daily, the entire internet network...


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    It has happened to me many many times before... Don't worry about it, if your page was ranking very well for your keywords it means that it must have a good number of solid backlinks pointing to it, and as long as these backlinks don't disappear Google will find a way to get to your page back up and give it the weight it deserves in the rankings.
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    Well sorry about that, but google will de index you at the drop of a flea.

    it is certainly not fair, but you know what, I have a site that got de indexed, and it gets more traffic from other search engines than it ever did from google, so really, google is just not as big as they used to be, sure it is good stuff, but there are other fish in the sea.
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    Get some new good links and ping and/or bookmark your existing links. It should come back quickly. This is what I've done with expired domains that went down during the transition of ownership and got temporarily deindexed. This technique worked fine.
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    Checking in.. Am interested to know the outcome too..
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