Best way to market my site?

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Hi all, i have just purchased a website and i am not sure the best way to market it..

do i go on adwords and risk spending a fortune? or do i spend alot of time doing some link building? Im sure the website would do well in adwords but the cost per click is quite expensive...
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    Go down the seo route, stay away from PPC unless you know what your doing. Start using article marketing to start getting visitors to your sites. Use forums, provide value and tweak your site until it converts to the level your happy with
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    Unless you're experienced with Adwords, stay away. Google will own your first born child before it's over. I don't know what your product is but there's press releases, article marketing, craigslist, US Free Ads, Hubpages, Social Bookmarking ... all kinds of ways to market it.
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    There are some great ideas here for generating traffic to your site, but, I would not advise the use of safelists. Not at all.

    And I agree to stay away from PPC until further on in when you really know what you're doing.

    Twitter is an awesome way to start connecting with others in your niche. Get on Twitter, find some like-minded folks, connect with them there and read and comment on their blogs. That's a great place to start, I think!
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    Just read a good book that might interest you from Vanessa Fox, former googler who helped create wbmaster central. It's called 'Marketing in the Age of Google' and it is very much worth the asking price and time investment. Highly recommended. You can easily find it by searching google or amazon.
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      You may try Adwords or Yahoo small business. However, the bidding may be high for the keywords you would need to target. Use your money wisely.

      If you want to do some link building, do it yourself... One tip: follow the back links of popular websites in your niche and start planning your links at places that are relevant to your own site's content.

      Just follow the back-links using yahoo explorer and keep building...Also, start submitting to the free directories..Use a different description as often as you can..

      Submit to 20-30 per day and your site will start seeing success in no time!

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    We would recommend SEO for your site! It is a budgeted form of driving traffic to your site...while PPC ads can get very expensive.
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    Article marketing, getting on and niche site banner ad buys are my favorite low cost marketing methods. It's not about the traffic as much as it is about the audience, find out where they spend their time and meet them there.

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    Always keep in mind that you want to be building a list. This is just as important as your regular SEO efforts. Know this from the beginning and life will be easier later.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      Thankyou for all the positive words...
      So looks like i should start building my link empire... the only thing with that is that it takes alot of time and some of my competition has over 3000 links so its going to be very hard to get ranked.. i did pick a keyword domain name and the monthly searches are around 4000... so hopefully i will rank on page 1 of google for the keyword..

      I have done this with my other sites and it works very well.. but this niche is very hard to compete with...

      Thanks again....
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    PPC can be an overkill.

    But you can try this - there are many $75 free adwords coupons. Run adwords for long tail keywords and see how it converts and if your products sell off well and generates revenue for PPC, then why not :-) ? Ofcourse meanwhile you HAVE to get your SERP up.
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    A good way to get traffic is to add a blog, if you don't have one already, and get some plugins that will automatically post content.

    Then signup for a free account and have your content posted to many social media sites.

    I use this method for my sites and get plenty of traffic. I also monetize my site with Amazon affiliate links and adsense.

    Good luck!

    The Easy Way to Create High Converting Sales Funnels...

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    SEO would be best to drive in traffic. Article writing and good back links would help to bring traffic as well.
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    first try the SEO for your site....
    Business Consulting Services - Kittelson & Carpo Consulting
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    Now that you have chosen your product, make sure you've had enough keyword research in your keywords to utilize them effectively. Easiest way to market I believe is social networking, social bookmarking as well as go vitally distributing content through article directories, press releases and video sharing websites. That way, you're easily hitting the search engines without the technical side of things -- although it's true, it always take time at the start.
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    For free methods, like the other warriors mentioned, Article Marketing is wonderful.

    If you are a little adventurous and don't mind spending money, you can try ezine advertising. PPC, especially with Google, is hard to start with, and unless you know what you are doing, it really is gonna hurt using it...

    Spending time building quality links and genuinely providing value to your users is definitely the best way out.
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    To market your site you can do lots of thing. You can go to forums and blog, increase your traffic by giving link of your site in signature so that people can see it and consequently will visit your website. When you fulfill all these requirements then market value of you website will increase. I am also doing the same thing to promote my website of free wallpapers and now i am quite happy that i am getting good results.
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    Just do the traditional method online first and try to discover some new ways of promoting
    Signature - Free Beginner's Guide To List Building

    How to set up a Facebook connect opt in button
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      well thanks all for the great response i have learnt alot from all the comments..
      im not sure about article marketing as im not that good at writing a good article.. maybe i could look into someone doing this for me, as i have seen people charge a cheap rate. i have done articles in the past but they have never really come to anything..

      just been looking at bidvertiser and it seems a bit more easy to follow than adwords and is alot cheaper
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    Back links is the fastest and cheaper way to get ranking in Google~~
    By the way, Kow Choon warrior had lot of Idea and experience in ranking website and bringing traffic to website. I heard that he gonna launch a back link automation system. If it's truth, we can use it to do our back link more faster and efficiency~~
    Good luck to you~~
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    dont forget word of mouth... thats if you have alot of friends.
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    What a great thread for this newbie! I have a few questions I hope you can answer (I also am using the searches here but your opinions would be great!).

    It is mentioned above "plugins that do auto posting content" what plugins have you used that were good for this?

    Are there people that I could outsource building backlinks to---is that a service?

    Why stay away from "safelists"

    Thank you all so much!


    Live Life Passionately!

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      Originally Posted by Deedee11 View Post

      What a great thread for this newbie! I have a few questions I hope you can answer (I also am using the searches here but your opinions would be great!).

      It is mentioned above "plugins that do auto posting content" what plugins have you used that were good for this?

      Are there people that I could outsource building backlinks to---is that a service?

      Why stay away from "safelists"

      Thank you all so much!

      I used several of these types of plugins best I recommend is Auto blog feeder. The only thing you have to watch is that you check each and every post as sometimes because of punctuation it can leave of some or all of article.

      As for safelist you just bury yourself in others promoting there products. Article marketing, Social bookmarking and creating and submitting videos
      is another way.
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    Really depends how competitive the niche is, if you got the bankroll then go ahead and use Adwords, but if the site doesn't generate alot of money then SEO your way. Attract wordpress to it and blog and use the standard guest blogging / blog carnival / social bookmark to market the site.
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    If you have a limited budget, avoid PPC. If you decide to use it, you should understand how it operates, otherwise you can loose a lot of money. You can start by using article marketing and build links for your website.

    Also learn and participate in forums like this one. You will get a lot of ideas and promote your website.

    Good luck.
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    To increase traffic to your site, make sure your site is rank 1st page of Google and to achieve it I'm afraid you'll gonna need d some SEO techniques ( or if you have a budget, hire someone to do backlinking for your site)
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    This explains how to get everything you need if you are starting out - and its 100% free

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