17 Hot Tips to Build Subscribers Fast

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17 Hot Tips to Build Subscribers Fast

1. Make it is as easy as possible for people to subscribe. Do not ask for too much information, their name an email is enough. If you request a phone number or any other information they do not want to give, they will leave for fear of being called by salesperson.

2. Provide a sample newsletter or keep them in an archive. This way people can see what they will get before they sign up.

3. Ask your subscribers to forward the newsletter to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful way to build your list because when someone gets information from a friend or family member, they know they will be safe signing up for your list.

4. Make sure to add a signup link or button in every issue of your newsletter. This way when someone forwards it to their friends or family they will know how to sign up themselves. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to subscribe.

5. Add a subscriber form to every page of your site. You could include a quick headline and subhead announcing your newsletter and a simple sign up form. This way you have a much better chance to get signups. No matter what page someone enters your site from; they will find a sign a form.

6. Start a blog and add content every day. Include a signup form on every page of your blog.

7. Post to other blogs every day and subscribe to as many blogs as you can in your target market. Use the URL to your blog or subscriber form page on every post. When you subscribe to other blogs, many times the owner of these blogs will check out the sites of the subscribers. Also the more you post to blogs using your squeeze page URL, the better your chance for people to click on your link or the search engines will pick up your pages.

Make sure to post useful information and not just put "nice article thanks!" The better your post the better the response that you get from it. Not only will this improve your link popularity, it gives you a chance two brand yourself as well informed on the subject.

8. Write a good offer that makes people want to sign up for your list and use it as a signature on every outgoing email you send.

9. Let people know who you are. Put your name in the email link next to your subscriber link. You could also include a photo of yourself on your subscribe page. People feel more comfortable giving you their email address when you are willing to let them know your name and email. If you try to conceal your identity, you do not instill trust with your site visitors.

10. Test different headlines. Your headline has to grab your visitor's attention immediately or they will be headed for the back browser. Make sure your headline is worded to let your visitors immediately know how subscribing to your list will benefit them.

Let them know the benefit can be achieved. Make sure it is believable with proof and be very specific. If you cannot get your visitors attention in the first 3 to 5 seconds they are on your site, they do not see any reason to read any more or stay to find out more.

11. Studies show that most visitors tend to look in the upper left hand area of your page first then they look at the header, and last the left hand side of the page. Make sure you put the most important information in these areas on your subscriber page.

12. Audio can be very effective for telling people about the benefits of your newsletter however, it is best to put an attention-getting headline and a button to start the audio on the page.

This way only people who want to listen to your message can check on it. The reason for this is many people scan the Internet while they are at work and if the page has audio they may close it quickly or hit the back browser to avoid being caught by the boss.

13. If you send out a text email newsletter, you could also read it and make an audio version, put it on your site and include a link to your page for subscribers who don't want to read it. Let people know if they subscribe that they can also get your audio version.

14. When you make your squeeze page be sure to put the most important benefits above the fold. Many people will not scroll the page at all so make sure you put a great benefit inspired headline and the email form where it can be seen without the need to scroll down the page.

15. If you offer many products let people know you have weekly specials for your subscribers. Each week send your subscribers information about your special discounts that only subscribers get.

16. Make videos about your targeted keywords and submit to video sites. Include the link to your squeeze page at the end of the video. You could also have your link at the bottom of video so your viewers will see it the entire time they're watching the video. Make sure to make the link short and memorable as possible and capitalize each word i.e.; YourDomainName.com.

17. Trade articles with other webmasters in your targeted niche. If you work with 5 to 10 different webmasters, you can include one of their articles with their resource box in exchange for them using yours. This will give you the opportunity to mention your newsletter to new potential subscribers that you may never have had the opportunity to reach.

Good Luck With Your List Building

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    Great post Tracie!

    I think it gets down to promote...promote...promote! Since I'm a blogger, I found that "blog everyday" approach wise, but not realistic for my blog customers...(ha ha) If only I can "program" their minds to make posting a daily ritual, I would have many rich blog students out there!

    There were some great ideas I never even thought of that you listed. Keep up the great work.


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    thank you for the information .. this will really help me in building a list that will improve my business sales
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    Great stuff! I'll add one:

    Make sure you work on coming up with a squeeze page that converts, then focus on getting traffic. Most people put the cart before the horse and think about traffic without worrying much about how well their page converts visitors into subscribers. That's backward!

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    Thanks for sharing the information. It's good to know stuff like this, especially if you're just starting out.
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    Just like your fantastic ecourses, this list is excellent and valuable for anyone from the beginner to the experienced blogger.

    Curtis McElroy

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