how important is the IC stat in market samurai?

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Hey. I recently bought market samurai and have found a lot of good keywords with good stats, except for IC. I'm pretty sure every keyword I looked at all of them have a red IC. Does the index count matter overall? I've tried searching the answer for this but it doesn't look like other people really have this question. I think it might be a newer feature anyway. Thanks a lot.
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    IC stands for "Indexed Content" - but does it matter?
    In a word - yes!
    But it isn't the be all and end all in regards to competition research, and it's a very hard metric to judge.
    IC (number of indexed pages) only really begins to matter if the competing website is entirely about your niche subject.
    More pages on a website means more chances to capture backlinks, and page rank. Based on google's original patents, every page creates a small amount of page rank. Both factors together result in more potential for authority, on a subject, for a website with an large number of pages.
    Further - more pages means more chance for keywords to appear site wide, and more opportunity for a clever webmaster to do some clever internal linking (which can be powaaah-ful!)
    Websites in the top 10 results with a high number of pages will either be general websites, or authority websites. General websites can be relatively easy to beat, where-as authority websites can be a nightmare.
    Loading the IC figure seems to slow down Market Samurai a lot, and since it's such a difficult metric to take into consideration, its probably best not to load this metric until you get down into the real nitty gritty.
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    Wow thank you so much. That is by far the best response I've gotten on this forum.
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      Depends on how advanced you are with link building and SEO. Being an experienced marketer, I hardly look at the IC number anymore. There are several other and more important factors to consider when targeting a single keyword.
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