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Ok so a little background.

I'm the founder of a paranormal investigative team here in my state. We've existed for years and have done many cases and events.

This year we're doing a Ghost Tour for an entire city this Halloween.

I've been granted permission to also conduct an after hours tour and ghost hunt to help reimburse me for my out of pocket expenses. Plus, it'll be pretty cool, lol.

So the after hours event will have a limited number of people and I am trying to set it up where people pre-order online.

I'm looking for a payment processing app/script that can allow me to setup a certain number of availability, process it through Paypal, and if possible give people a print out to bring for verification (of course I'll still be checking names and ID).

Ideally this would be free as the tour itself is free but the after hours one is simply something to help make up for my expenses. If I don't have to spend it I would rather not but I know that pretty much everything cost money.

So can anyone hook me up with a link or have any software that can do this?
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