What is the best INCENTIVE to use to get more customers.

by Jeena
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I was wondering what kind of incentives other warriors use to build their lists, make more sales or to get more referals?

Thanks for your help.
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    Hey jeena

    It really depends what niche your in.

    Most of the incentives i use are free incentives.

    I give out a free ebook,software sometimes but mostly create free video tutorials relating to my niche. Mostly i focus on the IM niche.

    There's tons of things you can offer for incentives to build a list.

    Heres some more examples:

    Provide a free ebook or report in addition to your offer
    Hold a drawing for a grand prize
    Have an ongoing promotion (like free dessert on your birthday each year)
    Offer a free consultation
    Provide coupons that offer a percentage off of your products

    You will also want to test which incentives work best.

    This depends on a lot of factors that change from business to business. To find out what works for you, the best thing to do is split testing.
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      Hello Jeena,

      I've been using different Incentives for both my On-line and Off-line Businesses for the past 20 years.

      What's worked best for me over the years has been using Travel Incentives becasue of their HIGH PRECEIVED VALUE.

      We've tried all types - 3 Day 2 night, Cruise Certificates, Free Airline Certificates.

      You just need to research the company you buy your certificates from, becasue they are all... NOT created equal.

      We are currently using a company that provides a "Lifetime Vacation Club Membership" The stated value is $1,997.00.

      We like this company becasue the FUL-FILLMENT company has a A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. You don't want to use a company that has BAD complaints on line for not serivies YOUR customers with PROFESSIONAL SERVICE.

      When we looked at Vacation Clubs on-line we saw prices anywhere from $495,000 for a Lifetime Membership to... as low as... $197 for a Lifetime Membership, but the average was about $2,000.00.

      Soo the estimated Value about right.

      What we like about this company is we don't have to pay them any
      UP-FRONT fee's like most companies charge. We used to pay $100.00 EACH for our Cruise Certificates.

      This is NOT an affiliate link - Anyone can use it -

      Free Travel Incentive - Lifetime Vacation Club Membership

      Might should use an Activation code of - Warrior

      sooo they know where it's coming from.

      The only down side to using Vacation Incentives is that your customer will almost always have some sort of out of pocket costs such as paying for TAXES for the rooms or having to pay a small activation fee.

      Speaking of TRACKING... I'm a HUGE believer on TRAKING EVERYTHING.

      Here are some results we had using this incentive to date....

      Building our List - increase of 326%.

      Asking for Referals - increase of 59.2% - We use Give us 3 refferals and you will recieve this...

      Making a HIGH TICKET SALE - increase of 17% - don't mention the certificate until they refuse to purchase - increased by - 17% on a $3,995.00 Discount Club Membership Product.

      Getting People To Come into our Show Room - increase of 113.7%

      Hope this helps... please let me know if you implement it and what your results are.
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    I would say that your incentive will mostly get prospects on board if they believe that what you are offering is high in perceived value and benefit driven ie WIIFM

    I agree you should give away your best stuff for free and then build your relationship with your prospect who will then go on to buy from you at a later stage.

    An example of your best stuff could be like a magician showing his/her best magic card trick and then when the propspect signs up, provide the solution to how the trick works. The backend product could then be more "how to do the card tricks"
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    Well, usually we give discounts and reduced our pricing to our clients.

    Freebies are really important to get more referrals as well.
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      offer freebies to get more referrals, and then you can use the freebies you wrote as samples to show people. That way you have samples plus referrals to let people know you are high quality. It's killing two birds with one stone
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    Hey guys thanks for your response.

    Roger thanks for the link for the free travel incentives at:

    Free Travel Incentive - Lifetime Vacation Club Membership

    Like you said I did some research and found that they also have another website where you can even EARN money for giving away the Free Travel Incentives.

    Free Travel Incentive - Lifetime Vacation Club Membership

    It says they pay 50%. Sooooo I'm gonna check it out. I paid the $24.95 Activation Fee last week and I have received 2 e-mails so far with the Hotweeks listings. Resorts in Orlando, FL and Mexico for $100.00 this week.

    Hope they have something soon in the Philippines sooo I can check it out.

    Thanks Again.

    Jeena White - Hey I'm new here but this is the first thing that has actually WORKED for me. lol...
    http://www.FreeTravelIncentive.com Please use Activation Code = Jeena;
    Local Websites For only $97.00 http://www.MyLocalWebsites.com
    Thanks.... Hope we all make alot of money.

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