13 ways to find a niche

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Now for all of these, you'll obviously have to do keyword research to determine if it's worth looking into or not, but I have yet to find something that can't be monetized somehow. My goal is to find at least 20 ways, so if anyone else has any please add them, thanks!

1. Go to the library or a bookstore. Pick a section, then pick a narrower subject of that section. Now, figure out how you could monetize and traffic you had on that subject.

2. Ask your family what they want for Christmas or their birthday. Say they ask for an ipod. Now, find the most specific keywords you can to cut down on competition, and use amazon affiliate links in your post.

3. Write down 10 items in your office, pick 3 and get all of the model specific keywords that you can. So, instead of 'printer', you could go for 'HP Photo Smart 9400 all in one'. Again, this lends itself best to amazon affiliates.

4. This is my personal favorite: pick one of your hobbies or interests. Now break it down into 5 smaller sections, and then break those down into 5 smaller sections. Working one of the smallest subcategories at a time, build a site to build a massive list.

5. Go through your monthly budget or spending, and find 3-5 things that you spent money on that you didn't need, only wanted. Things like DVD's, CD's, a new cell phone, whatever. Any item over $50, use amazon affiliates. Under $50, stick with adsense.

6. This is a weird one. Go through your college courses. Every class you took is an opportunity to make money. How? That's where you need to be creative. For Calculus, a $20 ebook that explains foundation concepts that you could sell. For history, be an amazon affiliate for box DVD sets on the civil war or world war 2. Im currently taking a class called 'mans dependence on the environment'; I made an ebook on 101 ways to cut your utilities and help the environment. Like I said, this method is weird and takes some creativity, but it works.

7. Jump on the bandwagon! If there's a product on clickbank, there's a market for it. Either build a list in that niche or promote your own product, just send people to a sales page doesn't convert very well (versus the other two options.

8. Look at google buzz or yahoo trends, and put up adsense pages as quickly as possible. This is best to do on a randomly named domain, so that you can cover different topics as they come up.

9. Articles online. Again, not all of these will lead to anything, but some will. Here's an example: there was an article online a few days ago about the new Halo game coming out. Now I could be wrong, but I'll bet there's a guide for that game on CB about a week after it comes out.

10. Commercials on TV. These are no brainers, someone is paying a ton of money to show that ad. See what you can do them them. For example, how many dog food commercials have you seen? I have a dog food cookbook that earns about $700 a month on my dog training site. There's all kinds of things that you can do.

11. Tv shows. Again, this won't work every time (and it takes some creativity) but you can actually get some good ideas just from watching TV. An example is the show Overhaulin. I watch it almost every day, and I started wondering how many people search for 'how to rebuild an engine' or some variation. The answer: more than enough. You think people rebuild a $4000 engine would spend $40 on a weel written guide? Of course. How about $97 on a video guide that showed them every step?

12. If you have kids, ask them what's cool at school. This could make you absurd amounts of easy money. There's a fad every 2 years or so, and parents literally wait to spend money on them (not judging, Im sure when my baby is older I'll do the same thing). Here's an idea how powerful this is: anyone in the States remember beanie babies? Enough said. The creator not owns the four seasons hotel in Manhattan, and 14 other luxury resorts. Best way to monetize? Depends on the fad, if there's no direct affiliate program, then amazon or adsense.

13. Think of 15 places you'd like to travel to. Do keyword research, and make as many keyword specific pages as you can. These are another good bet for adsense.
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    14. Ask your wife or girlfriend what she bought lately... and why.

    You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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      Originally Posted by DeadGuy View Post

      14. Ask your wife or girlfriend what she bought lately... and why.
      That's a pretty good one, I wonder if Coach has an affiliate program?
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    This is exactly What I'm looking in these days.
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      Originally Posted by perfectadds View Post

      i am looking same information too
      What information?
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    How about entering the travel niche by writing articles on places you've been - good or bad. Be honest but not cruel.

    Or places you would like to go - surprising how much information you can find on a destination and then write about that.
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    Great post! Really gave me some fantastic ideas.

    Kudos to you for sharing, appreciate it!
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    Ha 15. Look in other people's signatures :-p
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    this is a great list..will give more thought to it.
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      16: Talk to Loss Prevention personnel at Walmart to get a list of the most commonly stolen items. Million ways to run with that one.

      You are making this work at home stuff way harder than it is. Ready for some sanity? Clear your head and start over.

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    Great post ArticlePrince. You just gave away a $10 WSO Special Report...
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    Great list. I personally like to look around at all of the stuff around my house. Odds are, if I bought it, other people will likely be needing the same stuff. It's amazing the types of things you can make a niche out of. I can never understand why this is something internet marketers struggle with. Like you said, not everything works out to be profitable, but the potential is all around us if we're just willing to open our eyes and look.
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      Good list! Thanks for sharing. I like the niche made with your college courses. Maybe I should do that before a test! Make some money for studying.
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