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Have others noticed a drop-off in affiliate traffic and sales over the past couple of weeks. My websites have dropped in traffic a little bit, but my afffiliate sales have really gone down. I was curious if this was happening to others right now also.
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    This is a part of internet marketing, sometimes you do have periods when your traffic /sales get low. There could be a number of reasons for that. If you are getting traffic from search engines it might be the ranking of your site or the no. of searches for your search terms.
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    May be it is because christmas is coming
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    probably because halloween or thanksgiving is coming
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    There's been many discussions on here about a drop in traffic and sales, with many people assuming the credit crunch is to blame.

    But there are many other possible reasons - as stated above. Personally, I haven't noticed a drop at all, I've had an increase in sales if anything. I guess it comes down to what and how you promote.

    One thing is for sure, with Christmas just around the corner many people will be taking advantage of the Internet more than ever as they hunt out the very best value for money offers/deals.

    It's a great time to be an affiliate
    Are you failing as an affiliate marketer? There is still hope!
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    My sales and traffic has gone up but to be honest with you all, during the past summer Olympics, traffic has gone down for me.

    Everything seems to be normal now.

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      This is a tough one to call but based on UK spending (which it is said mirrors US consumer trends) - I generally make between 100 and 250 affiliate sales a day so this is quite accurate - spending online has dipped by about 12% since End August on like-for-like sales. In other words Sep and October are 12% down on what they would've been without all the doom and gloom.

      This is certainly due to "fear" amongst consumers.

      The bottom line here is it depends on what you are selling/promoting.

      On the whole everyday spending has dipped, BUT if you are promoting low priced home income products I would expect a slight increase in sales because people are getting nervous about the future and extra home income sales will benefit from this.

      It is my gues that December will see a huge increase in consumer spending (as ever) but i think it will happen slightly later than normal.

      The "fear" of the impending credit/job/income crisis will slow down peoples spending, but again the bottom line is everyone will still buy Christmas presents online.

      On top of that I think sales of home income related products will grow.

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    I run an offline business (not mine) in the travel industry and historically September through November tends to be the lowest months of the year. Usually sales go up in December through June.

    My online ventures have also dropped somewhat but I'm still new to these wonderful online possibilities.



    Genius is ninety percent perspiration and ten percent inspiration.

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    Our sales and traffic have been building steadily since August, your product that you sell might not be positioned to take advantage of downturns in the economy??
    Positioning many sites to take advantage of different economic situations is a very efficient business model. People are always looking for solutions to their everyday problems and if you can give them good advice and how to help they will be more than happy to take your advice and buy from you.
    The current economic crunch has definitely hurt, not just publishers and affiliates but consumers as well. Trying to remember that and see things from 'only' your potential customers point of view should have your sales rebounding in no time...
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