Membership Site - Part of Main Site or Its Own Site?

by Trivum
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I am thinking of starting a membership site/section as an addition to one of my sites. I was wondering if anyone had any input as to whether I should make it a part of my main site (it would fit in perfectly and not be out of place at all) or whether I should break it off completely and put it on its own domain (I have the perfect domain for it, by the way).

Of course I could always still advertise it on my main site even if I broke it off, but I was wondering if there were any serious pros and/or cons for either option that might not be so obvious?

The truth is the membership site might not ever get that big, but it seems to fill a little niche that hasn't really been filled. For this reason, I know that creating a new site will take more SEO effort if I want search engine traffic, but with this niche, there isn't likely to be much search engine traffic to go after. (It's something like some WSOs -- you would never search for what they're offering, but when you see what they're offering, you say, "Hey, yeah, good idea.")
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    I would think it would be better to make the membership site as a part of your main site. This would make it easier for your main site's visitor to become aware of the existence of your membership site.
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    Well, as I mentioned, I can still advertise it as if it's part of the main site. Although, I guess if people went to check it out, and they weren't interested, they would be less likely to go back to the main site ... but that seems a minor point overall. I have a fairly large "returning visitor" rate.
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    One advantage of making it a seperate site would be the ability to sell one of the sites and still be able to keep the other. ( should you ever want to )
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