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Thought of a great productivity increaser that me and a good IM'er friend are looking to start doing but figured this must exist online somewhere but can't find any so far.

What we are looking for is a website or script or something whereby we can both create daily,weekly etc to do list's for our project's and then tick them off as we complete them!

But as we would both be working on seperate project's and yet be there to kick each other's asses and creative a competitive productivity kinda thing going on between us it need's to have that functionality or a way to seperate them into 2 project's for example.

I checked out rememberthemilk.com and tried working with it but it is really not built for the typical IM'er who is working on different mini-project's and sites and looks like its built more around real life situations and business's in the offline world for appointments etc

Plus i didn't like the fact that you couldn't easily see what stuff you had done in the day as often even on my to do list i forget stuff that need's doing and the thing's i have already done trigger my memory!

Any one got any reccomendations as at the moment it seem's that the only way is to skype each other our to do list's each day and then send a completed one but that is annoying and really not practical.

Strange request i know but anyone have any ideas? anyone?


Mark Blaze
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    Personally, I use an offline list. A quick Google turned this up: To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable: Ta-da List Is it along the lines of what you're looking for? Best todo list and task manager looks more complicated, with sub-tasks and all.
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    There is a company called Zoho.com that has a project management section that does this. I use it and LOVE it! Best part is it is free!
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    is any zoho applications freeware?

    i use post-it and put it where i can see
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    Oh goodness now ive got to do list overload!

    I usually just do it all on a pen and paper but seeing as we want to kinda do a test together and see what the outcome is (which i can only see being positive) online is really the only way.

    Will have a look through some of these tommorow and see if any will fit our need's!

    Thanks everyone so far

    Mark Blaze
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    Damn, I'm feeling very prehistoric. I just draw up a daily to do list on paper and tick jobs of as I complete them. I am a firm believer of the KISS concept

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    Take a look at Task Freak. Works great and is multi user.

    Rob Whisonant
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      Try aceproject.com It's a great free project manager and you can both see where each of you are. I am liking it. Even emails you reminders.
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    Personally I just use either notepad or my gmail account drafts to create my to do list. This way I feel more secure instead of thinking that others might have access to my thoughts, ideas, innovations, and things I have to do.
    Privacy is fairly important to me.
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    Yeh, there is a good one I used to use:

    Remember The Milk: Online to do list and task management

    Also, toggl.com is great but not technically a todo list app.
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    I don't go for anything fancy. Just type my list onto a word doc, print and once each item on the list is done just cross it off. Come to think of it the filing is a nightmare
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      I use a tool that connects to my email system. It is not free but it sure makes things easy having everything right in one place. I use it for everything.

      When an email comes in I just handle it on the fly and if it needs to, it hops into a project as a task. There is something special about having an empty inbox!

      For my SEO and IM tasks I build projects in seconds and then the system tells me when have to do anything. Best of all it does this in conjunction with my other work and family items.

      This is all based off of one of my clients methodologies. The Effective Edge (The Effective Edge)

      If you are having issues getting things done then I highly recommend checking them out. They have an online class that will use existing Outlook or Lotus Notes mail software with no changes to save you hours a day. They are working on a gMail version

      I know these guys work with mainly corporate clients like Dell and B of A, but their program really really works. If we got enough interest I could ask them for a special WF discount.

      I wrote the entire web site and workflow. When they give these seminars they ask folks a 25 question general questionnaire about how they work, how much time are they looking for stuff, ect.
      Then 7 weeks after the course they ask the same questions. My system calculates the difference from the first and the last questionnaires. It currently has thousands of these and all I can say is WOW!! folks really do save hours a day in personal productivity by using this system.

      Sorry for rambling,

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    I have a whiteboard in my office where I wrote down a to-do-list every morning and a simple piece of paper next to my keyboard with a check box to keep me organized. Good Luck!!
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