FREE Contest Two People WINS BIG- Please Read!

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Hey Warriors..

I want to help someone who needs it!

Of course I can't help the whole world, but I want to make two lucky peoples day today...

Here is the deal, the warriors will pick the two people who gets help..

The way it works is there will be two people picked..

1) Someone who has been there and is making money and can help someone else that isn't by either:

A) Being their mentor
B) Giving them your course, ebook or membership, or maybe a JV offer that will help them..

2) A person who hasn't made(or has made very little) money online but can give us a valuable reason why they deserve to be chosen

What they have to prove is that they will:

A) Really try what is given to them and put the W.O.R.K that is required into action.
B) Keep us informed about how things are going.
C) Repay a kind offer to someone else.

What the first person will get from me is 3 things:

1) I will design you an awesome salespage for any of your products.
2) I will give you a featured section in my membership that I am about to launch which will be HUGE

Note: It can be a product you have now, or we can tayilor it to fit my members so to get a better response.

3) Lifetime free membership in my membership that will be $47.00 per month to start with.

What do I get out of this?


Except the satisfaction of helping two people...

I don't want this post to get axed so please only explain why you should be chosen

Good luck!

Dennis Cheesman
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      Hello Nancy,

      Please read the post again...

      The warriors will pick who gets chosen...

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    I would be willing to work one on one with anyone that you choose but they would need to follow my advice.

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    Ok great.. thanks for stepping up Tal... That is a great and generous offer..

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    This is exactly what I have been looking for! I have been struggling with IM for a while. Right now I think I'm on "information overload". I've spent a ton of money and a lot of time but with very little results.

    I will do whatever it takes to succeed.

    I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.

    I'll do a glowing testimonial for my mentor.

    I will help others (maybe with this same type of contest) after I have learned.

    Even if I'm not picked, this was a great idea and post.

    Never Pay Retail For Advertising Again! Platinum Targeted Advertising

    Get Rolling Fast - Quick Start Bundles

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    Hello David,

    Good luck getting chosen...

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      I really want to get chosen. I have been trying to make any type of money with internet marketing have yet to made one dollar. I have done over 40 articles (which I have 4 Ranking Number One on google) but I have not converted one sale.

      I have tried to get either one of my pages ranked but have yet to do so.

      I have tried talking to terri lynn about what to do but i dont have the money to be mentored.

      I am unemployed so I have all day and night to work.

      I am willing to do what ever my mentor asks of me and I will write a great testimonial as well.

      I have been asking people or advice and tips and I have been doing them all but I have not gotten any results.

      I have a twitter account, myspace, facebook, blogger accounts, wordpress, ezine account, clickbank account, squidoo account so I have been trying to get the word out like everyone has been saying.

      Overall, I am very interested in this business and just want to figure out how it works because I know I will exceed in this business. I would love to have an expert teach me how to do the things that will make me an expert myself. I am only 19 years old so I feel that if I get into it now I have a life time to expand and get very knowledgeable. Please, I would love to have someone teach me how to get going.

      James Ewing

      Please click the THUMBS UP for my video. PLEASE!!!

      Follow me on Twitter @jamesewing

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        I think that i should be chosen because i have been on these forums for about 5 months and so far i have made very little money. I have but in lots of hours of work into IM and had very little return.

        I am 17 years old and think i could have a lot of potential in the IM field i actually find it very interesting and would really appreciate being mentored.

        I will keep everyone informed on how i am doing everyday considering it wont be a problem cause im on warrior forum for a good hour everyday.

        Plus i was just about to start a new project today so with your help im sure i could be successful.

        - Eric

        I am looking for ad swaps pm me if you are too!

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          Good luck James and Eric..

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            Ok, if no one else is really interested we can choose from the few who replied..

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              I would have thought a lot more people would have responded to this. Since there were no votes is the contest off?

              If not, come on fellow Warriors, pick me!
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                Sorry I only saw this post now.

                I have been trying to make a living online for about 7 months now. While I have made a bit of cash here and there, it has never been enough to support me.

                My biggest problem I think is that I get sidetracked far too easily. I start on one thing then read about something else and try that for a while.

                I think having this sort of mentorship will really help me learn how to prioritize my time and efforts and make a good living off the net.
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