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Hi everyone. Just started with my home based business yesterday and am very excited to where this opportunity can take me. I am definitely doing this part time as I have a full time job and just wondering how many hours a day you think it will take to get successful in online marketing. If we can break it down to posting 5 forums a day, or making 2 youtube videos a day. I know the reality that the more you put in, the more you will get out, but just would like to hear other opinions on it.

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    It is not really about time, is about productive time... If you can expose your business to 20 people in an hour....then you will do great. But if it takes you 10 hours/day to expose your business to 20 people then it takes 10 hours.

    It is all about what you want to make of your business and how much real effort that you put into it.

    Jeff Mitchell

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      Yes, it is about productivity.

      I work from 2-4 hours depending on what i am doing. If I am learning something new then it can take a lot longer because I work until I have it down.

      When i started it was 4 hours a day period, didn't change it a bit. i started and then would stop 4 hours later. I had each days activity planned out and did exactly what i planned.

      Not I still plan my days but problems come up that have to be fixed right then so my plan gets pushed aside a little.

      Planning what you will do is your first step. Doing it consistently is the next step and key to making it work.
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    Hmmm, it really depends on you and what
    you want to achieve and the time you have
    available. But of course, the more time you
    spend, the more likely you will succeed,
    that is until you discover how to spend
    less time and achieve more results,

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    Aha, so much about what you do with your time, rather than how long you spend.

    I've had days where I've worked 12 hours and at the end of it, thought "What the hell just happened? I worked but I don't think I actually achieved a damn thing".

    Then, I've had days where I've spent 2 hours working and achieved more than I achieved all week. There the slots you should learn from.

    I know what you're looking for though - a realistic number, but you probably won't find it here. It is quite an open ended question with lots of variables.
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      There is no divine number of hours. Also, there is a fundamental difference between hard work and smart valuable work. So I don't see how can an absolute number of hours help.

      But being in part time business with a full time job as in your case is similar to mine. So probably you can afford to spend 3 quality hours or so per day. And this must be good solid work that produces value to your business.

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      I agree with Damien.

      It varies widely. Depending on what happens. Some days I'm crazy busy and get not very done, and other days I hunker down and get a whole new mini biz set up.

      I am definitely working way too many hours a day. My mission in the foreseeable future -- increase ROI per hour and eventually increasingly disconnect my income from the hours I put in by setting up more sources of passive income.

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    Productivity is not about the time you spend on something. In the IM world, it's not true to say that the more time you put in, the more you get out of it. Rather, you should measure by what you can accomplish in a given period of time instead.

    Some can achieve in 2 hours what it would take someone else 5 hours to do. Personally, when I first started out, I too had a day-job and I would normally spend 5 hours or so after work to do my business. During those 5 hours, no Internet Messengers, no Facebook, no distractions.

    It helps to always have a notebook on hand to create a to-do list, such that when you actually sit down and do your stuff, you know what you want to accomplish and you can focus better.

    Hope this helps.

    Lazy Bryan
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    Making a daily schedule of activities within your allotted work period is a good way to achieve your everyday goal.....won't you agree?
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    I'm still learning new stuff so it's hard to say. depending of what I need to get done, 6-8 hours a day. But if I have other jobs (offline), 2 hours a day is enough. Important thing is finish my to do list for the day.
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