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Hey everyone,

New to the board, but not too new online marketing, mainly the technical aspects of it. Have wrote probably dozens of large-scale systems for marketing, and even started and owned for five years, which at least at the time, was a leader in MLM software.

Anyway, was wondering if we could get a discussion going about the type of software you'd like to see to help manage & monetize your marketing. Would there be much of a demand to make different campaigns (e-mail, landing pages, pricing structure even, etc.) based on demographic? For example, a 20yo female in New York would end up with completely different marketing campaigns & experience versus a 52yo male in Texas.

Other sticking point is AI functionality. Say you have the above with multiple marketing campaigns & paths for each demographic. The software would automatically track conversion ratios, and scan incoming communication (e-mails, form submissions, etc.) for various keywords. It'd gather all that input, and tweak campaigns / give precedence to campaigns based on results, without any intervention from you.

Assuming everything was easy to manage, and it was a quality system, is that someone many of you would use? Or would it be too time consuming and burdensome?

Let me know your thoughts, and let's see if we can get a good discussion going regarding what you guys would like to see, and what would make your lives easier and better. Your imagination is the only limit!

Thanks guys,
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    Bump for me!

    Come on guys, I know I only have 8 posts, but would love to see a discussion going. My ideas for a quality marketing solution are to split things by demographic (location, gender, age -- even income & education levels), then if wanted, you can easily put different marketing campaigns in place for each. Plus quality reporting, and even AI capabilities that will automatically adjust campaigns, and give campaigns difference precedence depending on how well they convert.

    Good idea, and something you would use? Or too time consuming and burdensome? Any other ideas?
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