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Hi all,

I'm looking to purchase a new webcam as I want to make some videos to post online. I already have Camtasia.

So...I went over to Best Buy and there's so many choices. I talked to some kid working there but he didn't win me over on his knowledge. I'd love to shoot video quality like Frank Kern but I doubt he bought his cam at Best Buy. LOL

I have a standard tower PC with a 17" LCD monitor. Do these cams clip on top? How do you mount them?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

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    Hi mate,

    Search for 'Logitec Quickcam Sphere AF' - eBay or Amazon

    Great webcam for everything you need and has some great features... take a look at JMo's blog he has a post (3rd down now I think) and it is the previous model (1.3MP) (Sphere is 2.0MP). Take a look at the video

    You may think 2.0MP? Aren't they bigger than that now? They are but logitec is an industry leader and its enhanced video is better than any other, tenfold.

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      I recommend to visit
      ABCWebcam : live webcams world map destinations
      many webcams from around the world will mamy help you to see the quality webcam.

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        I saw some videos Jason DeVelvis made with a Creative Live! Cam - Video IM Pro and I was impressed...only like $49...I thought it was a damn hand held digital recorder... So I am getting one of those hehe.
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          I recommend using a good quality dv camcorder hooked in with firewire any day of the week over a webcam.

          However, if you must use a webcam out of my own tests (I am constantly testing video and webcams to recommend the best to my own clients) the Logitec Quickcam Pro 9000 has come out a winner:

 Logitech QuickCam Pro Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000:...

          I used to be a creative fan but logitec has a winner with this model.
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            Hi All,

            THANK YOU. I greatly appreciate the feedback!

            Josh, I have a Panasonic PV model palm cam that uses the little miniDV digital tapes and I looked and it does have firewire! Awesome!

            Should I just go with that or purchase web cam? Also, I have green screen. Do I even need that or do I just shoot the video with my bookcase showing in the background?

            Ah, I'm lost here. LOL If I can get a video up I'll share it with you guys!

            Thanks again everyone,
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              I agree with Josh, I have a Canon DV cam and it works great. Even though I have a Mac and use iMovie (which is incredibly simple) I believe it offers more flexibility. Funny enough, my MacBook includes a built in web cam. Best of luck!
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              honestly.. its not so much about the webcam,

              its more about the settings you use to get a great picture and the Lighting of course..

              I can get excellent quality for web with a Kodak webcam and correct lighting.. the more time you spend on lighting the better results you get

              If your videos are for the web, they will be compressed a LOT so needing a high quality cam is negated, unless you have great Video production software and can render it to suit etc.

              I'd be guessing Frank Used studio quality Camera men and cameras and a great video jockey. Plus its flash


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                Hi Dennis -

                I agree with Josh Anderson. The winner is the Logitec Quickcam Pro 9000. Before I bought mine I did a lot of asking and searching review sites. I found a site that had images that compared Brands and models under the same conditions. It showed what was in focus at different distances and the quality at different light levels etc.

                When I compared everything the Logitec Quickcam Pro 9000 beat them all. Even the super expensive stuff. No contest. I tried to find the url for that site but couldn't find it.

                That's what I ended up with. I highly recommend it. No regrets.

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